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Love Yourself for What You Are Now Without Conditions

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Do I really love them, or am I simply afraid to be without them? 984 more words


love horoscope

I’ve never really understood why people have bumped up the number of zodiac signs up to the unnecessary twelve. Not to mention having spent centuries trying to find some type of connection and general personality traits typical to each assigned anthropomorphic symbol. 382 more words

Basic Priciples

What are CC&R's?

If you plan on buying a condo, townhouse, or any home in a complex, then you need to know what CC&R’s are.

CC&R’s stands for Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions which are the governing documents that state limitations and rules placed on a group of homes by a builder, developer, neighborhood association and/or homeowner association.   346 more words


Central Florida Pain Management...Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections...

This injection relieves pain in the neck, shoulders, and arms caused by a pinched nerve (or nerves) in the cervical spine. Conditions such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis can compress nerves, causing inflammation and pain. 288 more words

Central Florida Pain Management

If and Switch Conditions

In this Tutorial, I have covered the most commonly used methods and how to use

It’s up to the developer which statement he wanna use(if or switch), I prefer Switch because code looks clean and easy to understand at any point of time. 333 more words

Foundation Kit

Creative Reporting Tactics

“Mr. Daisey and Apple” was one of the most interesting podcasts I have ever listened to (aside from being the only podcast I’ve ever listened to…). 439 more words