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Parking isn't as simple as it seems

He’s in his mid-forties and back in Italy for the first time in almost twenty years. He’s with his much younger wife and her girlfriend. 198 more words


A Condom is the Glass Slipper of our Generation. You Slip One On When You Meet a Stranger. You Dance All Night, and Then You Throw it Away. The Condom, I Mean, Not the Stranger.

Having gone to Catholic school for 5 years, I can tell you that there’s really not much humor to be found. I could delve into the awkward way I learned about human reproduction and sex in 5th grade, but I won’t burden you with that amazing story. 319 more words


Criticism of SAGES Misses the Point

I’m a little confused about some students’ apathy toward SAGES.

Most students who are bellyaching about SAGES seem to fundamentally misunderstand the group and Fordham’s policies, specifically the university’s restrictive stance toward free speech. 485 more words

Fordham University

We had to improvise!


 When I married in 1959 I knew nothing about sex.

There was unpatriotic for builders of communism in the USSR to talk about something that people exploited by capitalists called sex.

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Drugs and Sex: My Time in a Pharmacy (Part 2)

This is the second part of a post that begins here.

The worst product I have ever seen in my life was a condom key chain. 1,950 more words