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Finally, something Washington DC government is good at

Most people think the government of Washington DC is incompetent and corrupt, but when it comes to condom distribution, the city is a model of government efficiency. 58 more words

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Lubricants- Benefits, types and uses

Why use a Lubricant?

Lubrication is imperative to  healthy and enjoyable sexual activity.

Whether with use of a toy, vaginal or anal sex, a good quality, purpose specific lubricant can assist in making the experience enjoyable. 331 more words

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The methods used

By: Yvonne.M

From the above image we  see one of the various methods used in  family planning, mode placement,  and where. The above method is the copper IUD which is placed into the uterus through the vagina and across the fallopian tubes to prevent fertilization from taking places. 143 more words


Parking isn't as simple as it seems

He’s in his mid-forties and back in Italy for the first time in almost twenty years. He’s with his much younger wife and her girlfriend. 198 more words


A Condom is the Glass Slipper of our Generation. You Slip One On When You Meet a Stranger. You Dance All Night, and Then You Throw it Away. The Condom, I Mean, Not the Stranger.

Having gone to Catholic school for 5 years, I can tell you that there’s really not much humor to be found. I could delve into the awkward way I learned about human reproduction and sex in 5th grade, but I won’t burden you with that amazing story. 319 more words