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Wikipedia Says I'm A Sex Worker

The term sex worker once confused my literal mind. I understood it to mean someone that was paid for sexual encounters (be they virtual via phone/internet or actual). 1,122 more words


What they used as condoms in the old days

Back in the old days there was no such thing as rubber condoms so to avoid getting a woman pregnant, men of the realm would either have to fashion their own out of whatever was around or have a pig eat their own dick off. 92 more words

Feministy Shit

Lack of Feministy Shit due to new job completely devouring my free time… I would complain, but I’m actually in love with what I do. I will be trying to bulk out Feministy Shit more now I’m settling in. 549 more words


Birth-control: better safe than sorry!

Ok. First of all, saying that abstinence is the best contraception doesn’t make too much sense anymore. It does make sense when we are talking about teens that start their sexual life way too early. 495 more words

Abstinence Or Not

Graphic Armor™ Launches The World's First Condoms To Feature Custom Print On The Latex

In an effort to change the way people look at condoms by changing the way condoms look, Graphic Armor™ (http://www.GraphicArmor.com) is offering FDA-approved condoms that, for the first time, feature custom printed images, words, slogans and “tattoos” printed directly onto the latex. 329 more words

Health & Fitness

NIH Spent Millions Studying Origami Condoms, Poop-Throwing Chimpanzees Instead of Ebola


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) falsely claimed that it did not have enough money for Ebola research over the last decade, but the agency did find enough money to spend millions studying origami condoms and the poop-throwing skills of chimpanzees. 414 more words


Oral Sex: sometimes this can suck!

I have been teaching medical assistants and when we discussed the male and female anatomy the younger students had several questions that were interesting. I thought I would make a few mentions here in my blog. 279 more words