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Effective condoms usage is important. Consistent condom usage is key.

According to the CDC, consistent and correct condom use, include:

  • To achieve maximum protection by using condoms, they must be used consistently and correctly. 
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The cruise industry is trying to attract millennials looking for romance

The cruise industry is known for its outlandish amenities: on-board climbing walls, floating casinos, nightclubs, and ice spas. And for some time now, cruise companies like the clothing-optional  452 more words

Amorous New Yorkers seek ‘blizzard buddies’

Forget the bread and milk. Some snowbound New Yorkers are seeking a more, er, intimate kind of nourishment.

With the Northeast U.S. bracing for a massive storm that’s expected to drop up to 3 feet of snow before it ends Tuesday, a flurry of New Yorkers are placing online ads seeking “blizzard buddies” for companionship, snuggling and, in so many words, sex. 384 more words


Is Fox News Hypocritical?

Fox News Radio pundit Todd Starnes said on his commentary that he is offended by President Obama’s plan to tax the top 1 percent of earners to help make tuition-free community college available to students who maintain over a 2.5 GPA, because real Americans “work their way through school” and think it is “shameful to ask for a handout.” 62 more words

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Unintended Pregnancies Decline Across the U.S.

The rates of unintended pregnancies have fallen in most U.S. states since 2006, according to a new report — though rates remained steady in a dozen states. 255 more words