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Hey hey hey! So I’m just gonna update you on my relationship. I stayed at Zack’s last night, I told my mum a wee fib which i feel awful about and I will tell her someday maybe after she meets him. 407 more words

XY Problems


Once upon a time I had a package of Trojans. I was at a Halloween party at a friend’s house and there was a piñata, and when it was my turn I gave it an especially hard whack. 1,043 more words

The Cookie Monster

I’m afraid my gynecologist will lecture me. Worse, I’m afraid she’ll judge me. In the face of that fear, I regress into a childlike state — I become the five-year-old cookie monster who, when asked how many cookies she ate, offers “two” as her answer when the reality is more like 12. 249 more words

Birth Control

Is it Safe to Use My Sex Toy When I'm Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be a wonderful but confusing time for your body. So many things are off limits for the health of you and your baby, how do you know what’s OK and not? 588 more words

Adult Toys

Students want choice not ‘Choice’

By Kristen Birch

April the first was filled with mischief this year when Durex took to social media to introduce its newest condom aimed primarily at South Africans: boerewors flavour. 1,269 more words


Self-Awarded Nobel Prize Winning Inventions

Here’s a list of some amazing gadgets I’ve invented for which I’ve awarded myself the Nobel Prize.

1.) Gasoline powered basketballs that play an entire game all by themselves with only a single fill up and no players. 224 more words

Religious And Political Satire, And Other Irreverent Humour

How many people see police - Part I: Teach 'em YOUNG!

This is a two part post.  Bare with me here.  This one might sound a little whiny, but I’m going somewhere with this.

This is not political. 986 more words