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It's a Fro Yo Kind of Day

I’ve significantly decreased my frozen yogurt consumption since moving back from California, but sometimes you really need it… Hot and humid needs an ice cream cone to accompany it. 7 more words


Ice creams

Summer is coming (another episode of Game of Thrones!hahahahahhaha, just kidding!)and with it the rise of ice creams. There are ads for ice cream, ice cream posters, ice cream stores, supermarkets with ice cream bars… In fact, this winter there has been specialized in frozen yogurt stores that have been opened all year. 275 more words

Melitta 64008 Red Ready Joe Filter Cone

Save $ 10.79 order now Melitta 64008 Red Ready Joe Filter Cone at Best Coffee Makers store. Daily updated coffee maker reviews and find the best coffee makers consumer reports on Top Brands. 21 more words

Shootin Lasers

I think I’m slowly becoming one of those obnoxious people that show you pics of their kids all the time. Except my kid is furry all over and literally has puppy eyes. 348 more words


20 July 2014

Today I took a picture of some pining.


When the World is at It's Bleakest, Bill Murray Rescues Us With Ice Cream

Whenever you lose faith in the world/humanity, just remember Bill Murray is out there somewhere eating a soft serve swirlie cone. If that doesn’t lift your spirits then you have no spirit.

- Ryan

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