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Old signs don’t fade away, just get painted over and over and over again

With the pending thought of a nor’easter hitting the east coast right before Thanksgiving, it made me think of trekking through Coney Island after recent wind storms over the years. 63 more words

Coney Island

Poem--Late October, Coney Island

Late October, Coney Island

As was the childhood custom
we drove to the ocean,
parked near cars belonging
to nannies of both the young
and old;  joggers and lovers… 111 more words


6 reasons why New York is the best place to visit

I have a serious love affair with New York City. It all started a couple of years ago during our first trip to this incredible city. 426 more words


Coney Island Carousel Building

A right of passage living here in the Brighton Beach Coney Island area was spending the summer at Brighton Beach Baths. BBB was on a large parcel of land that bordered Brighton Beach Ave, Coney Island Ave, the Boardwalk, Seacoast Terrace. 353 more words

Coney Island

Autumn Reading: The Brooklyn Theatre Index of Coney Island, Brighton Beach & Manhattan Beach

“Henderson’s and Inman’s still offer the cream of the vaudeville acts to be seen at Coney Island…” according to a story in The New York Dramatic Mirror… 775 more words

Coney Island

9 Questions you need to ask Sales Person before you purchase your dream floor

  1. If there is a problem, who do I call?

Most of the business have multiple level of sale meaning Manufacturer- Distributor- Retailer. That type of levelled  business setting can be stressful and time consuming specially  if facing experiencing some  problems. 476 more words


Travel Theme: Colorful

By Vladimir Brezina

It’s not even winter yet—even though in the US Northeast it feels otherwise—but our thoughts are already turning toward the colors of the coming summer— 26 more words