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Milk Chocolate with Coconut Filling

This flavor was inspired by the Bounty chocolate bar which I remembered eating when I was a kid. It’s a milk chocolate shell with a coconut cream filling. 152 more words


Turtles all the way down.

Only being subjected to British confectionary for 90% of my life meant that I had no idea what Turtles were when my friend K asked me how to make them. 728 more words

Making Art

Easter - Lindt Bunny Paw & Bassetts Jelly Bunnies

These two Easter products caught my eye this week! I spotted the Lindt bunny paw whilst doing my Sainsburys online shop. They’re 2 for £1. It was a bit smaller than I expected when it arrived, but really cute. 79 more words

White Chocolates with Matcha Filling

If you haven’t noticed, my latest obsession is with chocolates. There’s something so exciting and satisfying about making your own chocolate, choosing and creating your own flavors. 234 more words


Konpeito Candy

I recently found out that the little star-shaped candies given to the soot sprites on Spirited Away are a real, traditional Japanese candy (I’m a bit behind the times I know). 78 more words