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Fruit Cake

Misha ‘Jenny, I make this cake for my brother as he loves it’ 

Jenny ‘Is he coming on vacation to Paris’

Misha ‘Yes’

Misha gets a knock on door… 193 more words

Orange and Vanilla Créme Caramels

This is a fabulous recipe. They are a little complicated, and take quite a bit of time and preparation, but are well worth it. Most of my guests ate two of these, and we’re very impressed, so if you’re having a dinner party and want to impress, these are ideal. 25 more words


Chocolate Bark

This is an awesome recipe. Absolutely delicious, and very easy. It lasted a day before every last piece had been eaten. This is also a great gift idea, and the bark is quite beautiful, not to mention devilishly more-ish. Yum!


Chocolate Hearts

I made these chocolate hearts as a gift for somebody, and they came out really beautifully. Now, I realize this isn’t that impressive; all I did was melt some chocolate and put it in a mould, but they look really nice, and I managed to temper my chocolate perfectly.


Yolli Baking & Confectionary| Review

I love to bake and have recently been trying out some products to help me, from yolli.co.uk. I have been cake pop-ing and chocolate making galore. 326 more words