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A Godly Confederate Hero...A Yankee Officer and a Sword

Colonel Thomas A. Marshall, Jr., was a Confederate soldier in the American Civil War.

He was also a believer in the one true God and demonstrated his devotion to his Lord and Savior on and off the battlefield. 2,303 more words


Haunted Battlefields

It seems that every battlefield, whether significant or minor, seems to inhabit its share of Civil War ghosts. Experts of the supernatural say that people who die sudden, unexpected, violent deaths are the ones whose souls get caught in limbo. 300 more words

Treasure legends of Texas....

1. The Sam Bass Loot In perhaps his greatest venture, Texas’s legendary stagecoach and bank robber Sam Bass traveled to Big Springs, Nebraska, with his sidekick Joel Collins and held up the Union Pacific Railroad. 1,018 more words

Lost Treasure

Haunted Gettysburg and the Farnsworth House

 It should come as no surprise that hauntings have taken place in various parts of the country in regard to the Civil War since the war ended. 278 more words

RESTOCK: Individual Union and Confederate Soldiers

We cleaned our office over the weekend and found some leftover Union and Confederate Soldier minifigs. We’ve decided to outfit them with BrickArms Musket and Bayonets and have put them up on the web store for a one-time chance to beef up your Civil War armies. 15 more words