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The Civil War and Memphis

Anyone interested in the War Between the States knows that Memphis is the site of many historically significant events. Tennessee ranks second in the number of battles that took place there (Virginia, of course, had the most). 182 more words

Grandsons of Klansmen

He wasn’t racist but he said…” I knew that you were going to get that job promotion! I sold you to the Director like you were my prized possession!”  But he tongue fucked my asshole before that though. 319 more words


Highlights from the Museum: The Almost Assassins

Life-size figures of John Wilkes Booth and assassination conspirators Lewis Powell and George Atzerodt, as well as some of their belongings, can be seen on display at the… 958 more words

Civil War

Confederate dead and wounded.

When the call came, Nancy Balkcum‘s grandsons answered. And paid.


James Lucian Balkcum, born about 1839, son of Mariah Balkcum and William L. 330 more words

North Carolina

The Butterfly Effect. One Small Change Can Have an Impact. The Ripple of a Wing

In case you are not familiar, the Butterfly Effect was coined by Edward Lorenz when he found that while trying to predict a hurricane’s path; he inadvertently rounded the decimal on a weather model and the outcome was vastly different than it would have been otherwise. 980 more words

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RESTOCK: M1857 Napoleon Gun with Confederate or Union Soldier

Classic American Civil War cannon with Confederate soldier and BrickArms Musket

Classic American Civil War cannon with Union soldier and BrickArms Musket

Just liking for the cannon? 12 more words


California Does It Again

Another strike against the Confederate flag has occurred. This week, California’s General Assembly passed a bill in which state government facilities will not be allowed to sell Confederate-related merchandise. 195 more words