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A report from "The mathematics of planet earth"

The mathematics of planet earth is a joint initiative from a consortium of mathematical sciences organizations around the world (organized nominally by DIMACS) that has the goal of showcasing how mathematics can be useful in tackling our world’s problems.  354 more words


Open Source: A Job and an Adventure - Dawn Foster, Puppet Labs

Why do you want a job in open source?

  • Meet friends from around the world.
  • Travel opportunities: conferences, but also interacting with other companies.
  • Career opportunities: your work is visible, and you have a lot of connections.
  • 328 more words

Software Update in Embedded Systems - Stefano Babic, DENX

Why is embedded SW different to upgrade?

  • power failure
  • bad firmware
  • communication errors
  • + often there is no direct access so you need to recover automatically from failure…
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Qubes OS - Joanna Rutkowska, Founder and CEO of Invisible Things Lab

QubesOS is a client OS (=desktop, phone, tablet, … currently desktop) that implements security through compartmentalization. It uses a hypervisor (Xen) to make that happen. The client must be secure, because if that is compromised there is no security, the client can see the keyboard and screen. 302 more words

Real Safe Times in the Jailhouse Hypervisor - Jan Kiszka, Siemens

Jailhouse is a hypervisor that allows to run safety-critical tasks on a multicore in parallel with Linux. Jailhouse tries to be simple, rather than feature-complete, and concentrates on controlling access to resources (memory area, CPU, interrupts) rather than really virtualizing them, i.e. 539 more words

USB and the Real World - Alan Ott

This talk is about getting the best performance out of USB devices.

USB speeds: we’ll talk about full speed (12Mbps) and high speed (480Mbps).

The logical USB device has configurations, which has interfaces, which has endpoints. 871 more words

Finding Stupid Vulnerabilities in Binaries - Armijn Hemel, Tjaldur Software Governance Solutions

This talk is about finding obvious security bugs in embedded devices. He will not tell anything things you shouldn’t do. Still, these obvious bugs are… 374 more words