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ETOM Call for Presentations

Call for Proposals!

Attention GRCC Faculty and Staff: Are you doing something special to help your online students learn more? If so, please share your ideas by doing a presentation at the Fall Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM) Conference. 230 more words


No Tigers

The Check

Scenario: Lydia is attending a conference. She was told at the beginning that she would be given a stipend in the form of a check and that, with her conference ID, she’d be able to cash that check at the conference center’s cashiering office. 544 more words


Reintegration Puzzle Conference 2014

This tenth conference, organised by Deakin University, Singapore Prison Service, SCORE and the conference organising committee, will be held in Singapore from July 30th to August 1st 2014… 82 more words


Trans Health Conference Report Back: Part 2


This is the second in a series of posts relaying the reflections of the 13th Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference. This is distillation of ideas, recommendations, and hopes presented at the conference. 617 more words

The animal's guide to networking

Despite pop culture’s image of the scientist as solitary genius, hidden away in his office surrounded by old coffee cups and rat mazes, with escaped fruit flies whirring around his head while theories fizz in his lonely brain, scientists can be quite social. 951 more words


Students - will YOU be attending Physiotherapy UK?

In my experience as a physiotherapy student so far, conference events have provided a fantastic opportunity for networking, learning and CPD. Every time I meet up with other members of my chosen profession, I come away invigorated and excited about what the future holds, and with a few more contacts under my belt (they do say it’s not what you know it’s who you know…) 154 more words

Interseliger 2014: A lively gathering of 4000 people including 800 International participants

I have never camped before, not with 4000 people together!

This week has been amazing as I have been traveling inside the Russia. This year, I have been invited along with 800 international participants to be part of interseliger 2014, an event going on for the last 5 years. 126 more words