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Just thought to drop this here!

I know you are on your way to the top

You’ve a bright future and it’s already falling into place… 608 more words


What's the deal with online personality tests?

I got bored when I was editing yesterday (So much to render, always SO MUCH TO RENDER o_O ) so I did an online “Personality Test” like any empty, troubled, post modernist, 2015 gal. 469 more words

Do I invite Betrayal?

I just found out that someone I thought was a close friend and confidant has been telling people details of our conversations and very personal information about me. 20 more words


Writing Tip: Have a Confidant

As I’ve continued to write, I’ve found how helpful it can be to have someone I can talk to about what I’m writing. It may just be my personality, but I’ve found that getting another person’s opinion on what I’m writing is very helpful and often times is the spark I need to get excited about writing again. 350 more words


Your Confidant

I want to be the one you call when you are ready to go down, and eat lets have a body party you on top of me lets reach a climax to ecstasy I want to be your lover and friends ,one you call on give me the title of your one and only confidant I can be your super woman I were an s on my chest at all times


The Confidant

One of my favorite publications is Darling Magazine (see MM Reviews).  What I love so much about it is how each chapter of the magazine stimulates different parts of my personality-the dominant ones and the more elusive-as a modern female. 85 more words

Modern Woman