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Swiss Miss

So I got to see Andrea yesterday, and after a year of not seeing her. It made me happy! I was also sad, Sad that she left and that she was not here in person to talk too. 543 more words


Let Me

I wrote this poem because I was tired of not being the shoulder that he would cry on. He was mines…so why couldn’t I be his? 249 more words

It's been a while

Hello everyone, 

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything, but have been incredibly busy with writing multiple projects and have had some personal issues. 258 more words

Daily Thoughts!

08-28-2014: May I D.U.M.P. Here?

Everyone needs a legal and safe place to dump. If for no other reason, we never know what stuff may come out or whether we will want to keep some of it. 51 more words

C2L Radio

A Friend

A friend will be over later. The only friend I’ve ever really mentioned this stuff to. I told her about the suicide attempt last year and she gave me a hug and saw me home when I got too drunk to function later that evening. 125 more words

do I need a Person?

Anyone who watches Grey’s Anatomy knows what a Person is.

For those that don’t, your Person is the one you call when everything is wrong, or right, or you just plain need someone to talk to. 513 more words

On Love And Life