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Stop looking and see me....Please!

This will be an emotional, soul wrenching blog for me, thoughts that have built up over a summer where my confidence has bloomed. Before this summer I was not one to look you in the eyes, I would look at my feet as I spoke to you, I would avoid giving you my opinion in case I said something wrong and you would lead the conversation, I would follow. 1,089 more words


A great way to boost your confidence is to celebrate ‘You’

Find that one thing that is unique about you and embrace it, it’s what makes you, you.

Too often we want to conform to what society tells us we should do or be but you should only do so if and when it aligns with your goals, values and beliefs. 121 more words

Confidence Boost

How to ensure you nail your next performance review

Here are some useful tips to ensure you shine for the big judgment day:

  1. Invest the time in your performance review. You need to be well prepared.
  2. 176 more words

Arm yourself with facts...not truths

Arming yourself with the right information is a great way to boost your confidence and ensure you get treated fairly.

For example, by focusing on facts such as quoting a section of an Act (a statistic, credible report and/or result) is going to get you a lot more attention than focusing on a truth about a matter.  121 more words

STEM Reflection #2 - Steps toward a STEM classroom

Robelen (2012) provides evidence that demonstrates the achievement gap for girls in STEM subjects, not only in the United States but around the entire world (with a few exceptions – Finland, Greece, Poland).  654 more words


Leading by example

The third and final component of the AAB* model focuses on your:


Your behaviour can and will influence your confidence levels.

Your communication style and body language, the way you conduct yourself needs to be in alignment with your behaviour. 61 more words

You'll Make It

Friday was a super hectic day at the station because my manager took the day off, and requested his friend, and host of KBRT’s morning show to fill in for him during “The Bottom Line.”  Luckily, I’ve been getting the hang of working around all the equipment and everything, so it wasn’t a problem setting up prior to the show.   535 more words