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You'll Make It

Friday was a super hectic day at the station because my manager took the day off, and requested his friend, and host of KBRT’s morning show to fill in for him during “The Bottom Line.”  Luckily, I’ve been getting the hang of working around all the equipment and everything, so it wasn’t a problem setting up prior to the show.   535 more words


Boudoir is a feminist issue

I grew up in an era of strong women.  Mrs Thatcher, Madonna, Annie Lennox, Princess Diana, Bridget Jones - now love them or loath them they were all inspirational.  471 more words

Boosting your confidence through the AAB (Appearance-Attitude-Behaviour) model:

As promised last week, this blog is dedicated to expanding more on my AAB model which starts with:

Appearance – looking and feeling good.

Want to improve your image? 296 more words

Why are some people more confident than others?

Is it their upbringing? Or perhaps ‘freedom of expression’ at an early age? Or was it ingrained in their DNA?

This topic is very personal to me, and one which I am very passionate about having been on the other side of the ‘confidence trap’ until well into my teens.  253 more words

10 Motivational Quotes to boost your Confidence.

I am often asked by people for quotes to boost their confidence or to increase their self-esteem or to say something motivational so I decided to write a book of quotes for exactly that purpose.   870 more words

While the boy's are away .........

Are we fed up of the footy yet then girlies?  I know from the amount of football scarves and tops my lovely ladies bring into The Boudoir there are a lot of football mad fells out there. 573 more words