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Real People

As I was surfing the web (trust and believe I surf all over) I ran across this article. It struck my memory to be reminded of how I hate to see the model of perfection doing what I dream of doing. 67 more words


mini booster

Be like a butterfly, embrace change and amazing things will happen.


6 Steps to Boost Your Confidence!

038Low self-esteem in the female population is very common. It’s sad, but it’s the reality. It is important that as women, we get back to fully loving ourselves! 361 more words


B.A.D | Had Too Much?


Oh well. I’m very busy these days. A recent audit fix on a campaign about addiction and alcoholism consumes all of my energy. I came to work tonight without even thinking that I am not yet finished with that task. 150 more words


Room Full Of Vultures

Their eyes are on you.
Let em watch.
They want you dead.
Let em prey.
Stay in step, dont you dare change./
Show em how to move in a room full of vultures./ 207 more words

Poetic Ice


It bothers me when people use the phrase “like a girl” as an insult.  For instance, “You run like a girl!”.. or “You’re such a girl!”, as if being a girl is a bad thing.   546 more words


Headspace Days 5-6

Day 5 - Oh dear, today has been a toughie of a day. Another day off work; the sun was shining; the day was mine to do with what I wanted; I had such high hopes for it. 339 more words