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Day 179 - Learn To Take A Joke

It’s day 179. My girlfriend’s mom pranked me and my brother. What we thought were popping kernels for some delicious popcorn were actually tiny brown beans masterfully hidden in a box made out to look like a box of popcorn. 101 more words


The Difference Between Winning and Losing

I was with a group of friends last night and one young woman shared a harrowing experience she had over the last several months. So many things went against her, yet in the end she achieved her goal. 49 more words


Miss Meany-Pants

Like you, I have a lot of roles I have to play throughout my days, but the one I hate the most is when I have to be “Meany-Pants.” Whether it’s at work or elsewhere, I hate conflict. 928 more words


Falling in love with summer

Lately, I’ve been feeling so happy and passionate about my life and I think summer has a lot to do with it. Summer brings out so many positive emotions in me and the vitamin D my body is receiving is bringing me so much happiness. 434 more words

First family trip - Wigwams and making friends

I don’t do camping. Cramped tents, bugs and trekking across a muddy field to use the toilet – no thanks. So ‘glamping’ was a perfect compromise. 263 more words

Children And Families

Diamond In The rough

Polish me brush me up
Put me on a shelf .
They don’t know what it took to get here.

Polish me brush
Put me on a shelf… 58 more words

Style and Confidence

Style is a presence that cannot be expressed through fashion alone. It is a living individualism that can grow and change and feel and breathe. By dictionary definition, style is a manner of doing things; a way of painting, writing, composing, building, etc. 964 more words