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Updating to a New Version

An existing installation of checks can be replaced by a newer version quite easily as long as it is the same product, e.g.: check_netapp 2.1.0 by  315 more words


Collectors and Distributed Monitoring

Collectors have some great advantages: the monitored device is put under less computational load and a greater flexibility for the configuration of service checks. But this approach is also faced with a new challenge. 223 more words

NetApp Monitoring

Configure unixODBC for use with PHP and MSSQL on Oracle Linux

This short article describes how to configure unixODBC 2.2.11-10.el5 in conjunction with PHP 5.3.3-26. Many forums out there contain articles that describe the absence of php_mssql drivers in the oracle yum repo. 647 more words


SMA - Runbooks Not Showing Up (e.g. Cireson SMA Connector)

My colleague and I have been developing runbooks for the past couple of month for automating business services. During this time we have written close to two hundred runbooks. 484 more words


Add tracelistener with powershell

In our deployment script we automate the installation and configuration of our product. For Development and Test environment we want to log everything to a file. 189 more words


BizTalk Server 2013 R2: Installation and Configuration – Install additional Developer tools (Part 19)

This part of the article will focus on the installation of additional useful tools to help you develop your BizTalk Server projects. The goal here is not to address all the tools available instead I will address only the most important ones that may have direct impact on the efficiency of your developments, because there are a number of tools that can aid you as BizTalk developer, which you can find on Codeplex or Microsoft Download Center, that are not offered out of the box by BizTalk Server like WCF Publishing Wizard and so on. 1,062 more words


Office 2013 unattended installation issues

Last night I was performing a new deployment configuration to customer, upon finding out that Office package provided was a Retail version not Volume License I copied over my MSP file and tried to run the setup and then issues started. 351 more words