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FC Security for CCIE DC - FC Port Security

Fibre Channel port security prevents unauthorized Fibre Channel devices and switches from logging into the fabric. This protects the fabric from accidents, malicious intent or attacks such as WWN identity spoofing. 3,501 more words


FC Security for CCIE DC - FC-SP / DHCHAP

Fibre Channel Security Protocol (FC-SP) provides the capabilities for Diffie-Hellman Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (DHCHAP) to authenticate switches and/or hosts attempting to enter the fabric. The terms FC-SP and DHCHAP are used interchangeably. 924 more words


Combining two fields on a Dynamics CRM form

Although good ol’ Microsoft have given us business rules, which allow us to populate form fields with static data or content from another field, there may be times when we need to do something simple like creating a combined reference. 206 more words


JPA Tutorial - Setting Up JPA in a Java SE Environment

JPA stands for Java Persistence API, which basically is a specification that describes a way to persist data into a persistent storage, usually a database. We can think of it as something similar to  1,949 more words


Router general configuration

Wireless settings

In most cases, the only things you need to change here are SSID, Authentication Method, and the WPA Pre-Shared Key (or similar). 874 more words

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Oracle Fusion Middleware Configuration Files

Configuration files and their default locations. This section also includes samples of the default configuration files that are installed on the system. Some default values such as locations and paths may vary. 7,711 more words


SQL Server Best Practices – Part 1

  • Use a dedicated server for your database [it will prevent security breaches and leaks. Manageability and Availability will be enhanced]
Database Administration