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Configure FTP Server in Windows Server 2012

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a very popular protocol that allows users to upload and download files easily. Windows Server 2012 is packed up with FTP features. 20 more words

Configure Storage Space in Server 2012

Storage Space is a new feature in Server 2012 and Windows 8 operating systems. The fundamental concept of storage space is, it pools physical disks together and make it look like a single disk to the operating system. 13 more words

Quick installation of telnet-client on windows server 2012

Execute the following Powershell command:

install-windowsfeature "telnet-client"

The window also verify that my smtp server is ready to serve request.

telnet readylab.net 25


Configure Shadow Copy of Shared Folder in Server 2012

Shadow copy feature in Server 2012 is used to restore previous versions of files and folders. Shadow copy backup feature is must faster than traditional backup solution. 19 more words

Configure Exchange Server 2013 to Send and Receive Outside Email

After successfully installing Exchange Server 2013, you can now configure the server to send and receive outside Email. To configure Exchange Server 2013 to send and receive outside email, you need to configure, accepted domains, email address polici… 6 more words

Configure User Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013

After installing and configuring Exchange 2013 you have to create recipients to be able to send and receive emails. There are different types of recipients in Exchange 2013. 18 more words

Configure External and Internal URL in Exchange 2013

To be able to receive emails from users out on the Internet, various URLs must be properly configured in the Exchange server 2013. URL for outlook web access, ActiveSync, autodiscover and outlook anywhere virtual directories are the most importan…