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Time with Papa

Family over work. That’s our motto in the family. At least for the both of us. Hubby took two weeks including the paternity leave to stay at home with us. 31 more words


Pumping Station

Here’s a snapshot of my pumping station. Hubby went to buy this movable trolley for me. Haha. Now I can be like air stewardess. Move my trolley where I want to go. Coffee Tea or Milk?! Hahaha


Hog Confinement Fire Update

IONIA, Iowa- Early last week a pig confinement caught fire with Leon Sheets still inside. Sheets received burns to 20% of his body and is undergoing skin grafts according to Sheets’ wife, Barb. 136 more words


All I want is a couple days off

I have a job.

I consider myself to be very fortunate because a lot of the young people I graduated with don’t have jobs yet. I hear they are hard to come by. 346 more words


Breaking the norm

Hola! Where am I? I should be at home confinement to my walls during confinement but am not. I need a breather. Need some time off with Hubby who has taken a long leave to be with me for half my confinement at least. 206 more words


We Begin Yet Again

Paint 2014; Marker on Paper.
h8 x w7.25 in. 

We Begin Yet Again
We begin yet again, wet but unsexed;
Another stage of life thrust upon me; 14 more words


Prison Break

Many a time the children of God have been entangled by the cares of this life.  Some have been imprisoned by their own mindsets on life.   619 more words