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Ziggy's progress two weeks after surgery

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all the well wishes for Ziggy! Here is a brief update from two weeks after his surgery. In the week following his surgery we had been seeing some great improvement in his general wellbeing, his mobility, and he was seeming to be content and happy. 606 more words

Three-legged Dog


Pentych continues from here

A sharp tap on my shoulder almost made me jump out of my skin. This time it was Rosa, not April, who had come to collect me. 1,484 more words


Ebola Propaganda - Who Owns The Virus?

The recent Ebola casualties and those that are yet to come are rumoured to be in the millions.
Poverty-stricken countries with poor medical support are left exposed. 304 more words


12 days left...

Suddenly a sense of impending doom.. 12 days left for my confinement lady to leave and that makes me a anxious mama~! I have been watching her bath JH with ease but I guess if it’s myself who is doing it, probably it takes a while to be as skillful as her…

Counting down.


Time with Papa

Family over work. That’s our motto in the family. At least for the both of us. Hubby took two weeks including the paternity leave to stay at home with us. 31 more words


Pumping Station

Here’s a snapshot of my pumping station. Hubby went to buy this movable trolley for me. Haha. Now I can be like air stewardess. Move my trolley where I want to go. Coffee Tea or Milk?! Hahaha


Hog Confinement Fire Update

IONIA, Iowa- Early last week a pig confinement caught fire with Leon Sheets still inside. Sheets received burns to 20% of his body and is undergoing skin grafts according to Sheets’ wife, Barb. 136 more words