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A Conversation within a Conversation

Have you ever prayed mid-conversation? Not out loud, but just silently in your heart? 

Have you ever been having a conversation with someone, and while they are speaking or during a pause, you start talking to God about the conversation you are having with that person? 524 more words


I'll just practice the conversation in my mind one more time...

If you’re anything like me you’ve done it…  You know the conversation is coming, you disagree, you’re at odds and the time is coming.  So you practice, making sure your points are well rehearsed, solid and unlikely to be challenged.   102 more words


The kitchen.

You put the pot on the burner.

I fill up this big pot to brim.

Are we feeding the society or bub, are we feeding our souls? 91 more words


Screwing Up

Nobody’s perfect.  Nothing shines a spotlight on parenting imperfections like hosting an exchange student.  With your own children you have a lifetime of good deeds that help them overlook your big mistakes.   238 more words


An American agency and the evil its men do

It has become abundantly clear, with the release of part of the US Senate Intelligence Committee on CIA torture, that the practices and the planning were not confined to a handful of aberrational cases or techniques. 1,002 more words


The President conducts Risk assessment seminar on the Black Sea

Thank you to Elisabeth Albrycht @ealbrycht @iscom for her invitation to conduct a week long seminar on “Strategic Risk analysis assessment of the wider Black Sea region”. 56 more words

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