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The cradle that rocked me,
The arms that held me,
The lover who claimed me,
The friend who saved me,
Are gone.
Like the howls in the night, 92 more words


Stinking Stairwell

Explosions this morning at 11.40 found us in the stairwell at its stinkiest. It always sounds as if they detonate the rockets right above our heads, but a Greek scientist friend spent a siren under a tree yesterday, with a granny laying at his feet, and said he saw it right above them, n Rehovot. 77 more words


Room to Wait?

The minutes in the clinic’s waiting room were ticking by slowly, as I was waiting like an anxious puppy for the 20 minutes after my anti-tetanus shot to pass, to make sure there are no side effects. 103 more words

The al-Shabaab Distortion: Somalia’s Real Challenges Lie Elsewhere

first published by the Fair Observer, 19 July 2014

Given that fighting al-Shabaab does little to advance Somalia’s state-building, other approaches need pursuing.

Al-Shabaab’s attack on the presidential palace in Mogadishu on July 8 is the latest in a string of violent assaults that have afflicted Somalia and neighboring countries. 1,194 more words

State Fragility

Which is the Fuel and which is the Fire?

The atmosphere in the streets is ostensibly more subdued now, and the cool Florentin attitude of
‘missiles are like flies buzzing around my head‘ no longer seems to be the governing stance. 333 more words

Shabbat evening

At 9.15 on Friday night – the eve of welcoming Shabbat the sirens went off and all went quickly to the stair well. I had been scribbling down a personal list of… 121 more words

Grinding down the Critical Mass?

Since the day Israeli troops invaded Gaza on the ground a couple of days ago, the atmosphere has been tangibly different; considerably less people are walking the streets and there is a subdued air.  175 more words