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Kay: Better Writing through Watching TV

I’ve been watching Leverage on Netflix—actually I’ve been rewatching it—and this time I’m also listening to the commentary. The commentary is mostly by the producers and writers. 708 more words


No Breathing Allowed

The first merger I experienced taught me more about conflict than I ever wanted to know. The worst conflict I had experienced up to then was either sibling rivalry or peer jealousy. 839 more words


Hating our enemy or loving our enemy

I was asked recently to speak at one of a series of meetings with a general theme of “War and Peace”. This article is an expansion of my notes. 2,148 more words

Kingdom Of God

Is Your Spouse Abnormal?

SOURCE:  Dennis Rainey/Family Life

Each of you brings a different background and a different set of expectations into your marriage.

Here’s how to establish the ‘new normal.’ 1,218 more words


Mental or Physical Orgasm?

So, I’m conflicted. I have to chose between the guy that connects with me on a mental level in almost every way and the guy who I could kiss all day long.  1,086 more words


Proper apologies

The sound of his incoming text woke me.  I felt the instant groan of a headache and felt my eyes struggle to open against the puffiness of last night’s cry-myself-to-sleep session.  1,548 more words