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Bombing in the Middle East again: three easy questions

The West is a couple of weeks into the latest air campaign in the Middle East, targeting the group we know among other names as ISIS. 1,732 more words

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Rwanda and the power of talk

As International Alert’s Talking Peace Festival continues in London with art, discussion, humour, photography and cuisine, we have also released this short film encapsulating our work in Rwanda.

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International Peace Day message from Desmond Tutu

Each year, 21 September is the International day of Peace, declared as such by the UN. Each day, the Day gets better known. Last year on this blog I recorded a message. 43 more words

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Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire after 7 Long Weeks

What is this Gaza Strip we have been hearing so much about?

The Gaza Strip is a small Palestinian territory smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel, and a small portion of Egypt. 402 more words