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Humanity loves to fight. So many human tumbles over samenesses and differences.


International Allies of 2014

Allies of the World

The recent controversies around the world have prompted World War 3 in discussions quite a few times, but where does power really lie and which countries will ally with one another? 3,814 more words


SM: Water Security

I decided to begin publishing assignments I am writing for Graduate School because each of these assignments are helping me shape my eco-identity.  As well, I find it will be interesting to track my progress, writing style, and research. 710 more words

Conflict Resolution

Conflict will arise in classrooms, it is inevitable. These 30 or so students are spending there days together, and these 30 or so different personalities will eventually clash. 72 more words


EU spy chief rules out Russian military presence in Ukraine

There is no large Russian military presence in East Ukraine, head of EU intelligence, Commodore Georgij Alafuzoff, has said. The spy chief has dismissed multiple accusations from the West alleging Russian involvement in the unrest in the region.In an interview with Finnish national news broadcaster, Yle, Alafuzoff said the Russian military had nothing to do with the seizing of government buildings in eastern Ukraine. 152 more words


Peacekeeping by proxy in Uganda

The ever-insightful Ken Opalo had a great post last week about why the US has been putting so much military aid towards the hunt for Joseph Kony in Uganda, even as it’s tried to avoid getting involved in the much more pressing humanitarian emergency in the CAR.  191 more words


Obama looks to salvage Asia 'pivot' as allies fret about China

When a Philippine government ship evaded a Chinese blockade in disputed waters of the South China Sea last month, a U.S. Navy plane swooped in to witness the dramatic encounter.The flyover was a vivid illustration of the expanding significance of one of Asia’s most strategic regions and underscored a message that senior U.S. 92 more words