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Why Palestine is winning this war?

If Palestine win this war that will be because of IDFs atrocities.

If Palestine win this war that will be because of the sacrifice of many innocent lives. 34 more words


Linked Together

…humanity is like an enormous spider web, so that if you touch it anywhere, you set the whole thing trembling…Just as John Donne believed that any man’s death, when we are confronted by it, reminds us of our common destiny as human beings: to be born, to live, to struggle a while, and finally to die. 90 more words


Rules for commenting on conflicts

Like a nasty but curable infection, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has flared up again and with it, a tirade of opinions, analyses and judgements. It being 2014, information is widespread and discussion is no longer confined to water cooler chit chat or discussions at the pub with friends. 908 more words

Libya is now officially a failed state

It is failed in the sense that it does not have a cohesive central government whose writ runs to every part of the country.

And of course it is failed due to the complete absence of the rule of law, and failed most of all by the West whose decision to embark on a disastrous military intervention in 2011, which led directly to the ousting and murder of former Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, was the catalyst for the disaster that has unfolded in the country since. 754 more words

State Fragility

What If They Are?

I love this proverb. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it and reminds me that I don’t need to spend time or energy focusing on drama that I have nothing to do with. 226 more words

Just A Minute

5 Types of Leadership Communication

In a previous blog post I highlighted 7 Levels of Leadership Communication. In this post I will highlight 5 Types of Leadership Communication.

As leaders, communication is a central skill for accomplishing the goals and outcomes our organizations desire. 889 more words


Sexism in the City - managing conflict

A female client was having a difficult time in her office – open plan, male dominated and in the City. A male colleague took great delight in sneaking up behind her and tickling her in the ribs. 377 more words

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