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What benefits you?

Humans are, by nature, selfish. They are self-obsessed, egotistical and chiefly concerned only with that which concerns themselves. This may seem to be a generalisation, of course. 379 more words


Getting to the root of the Word

When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time in the principal’s office. Not because I skipped class or sassed my teachers or caused problems, but because I was a bit of a non-conformist. 781 more words

Truth And Transparency

20th April, 2014. - Studies.

Hello you!

Before I begin, I think you should know a few things. Firstly, I will be appearing for my IGCSE board examinations in 16 days. 458 more words

How long did it take you before God got a hold of your heart?

We were watching one of our favorite television programs the other night and once again we get thrown into our faces something that we do not agree with biblically. 851 more words

Jesus Christ

Do we have a choice?

Everybody wants freedom. Independence. And choice.Choice to be themselves, freedom to explore one’s own self and independence to lead life exactly the way we want to. 226 more words

A is for Acceptance...

A is for Acceptance.

… I was thinking about touching on Affection …  and Attempts …   when this came to mind instead.

Human beings are social creatures who need to live in groups of some sort. 739 more words


The LEGO movie

A super movie about, you guessed it, Lego.