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to those without "courage"

just the other day, i was strolling down my facebook page when i came across a model-status profile photo. (like any sane person) i started to flip through the person’s profile pictures–because the pictures that people post say more about them than anything else–and I noticed that as the days went in reverse, the person’s hair became shorter and shorter. 467 more words

Life As How It Is


a talkative beast

spewing half truths

and half lies

confident as the kid

in your class who

always raised his hand

to mouth

the wrong answer… 162 more words


Pride over vanity

Emerson would rescue the vice of pride, as the natural counterpart to the vice of vanity. If we are suckered into love of opposites, we will believe that against vanity stands humility. 533 more words


You Need To Get A Life!

And thus ended the date.  Well, in my mind anyway.

What prompted this?

I said something along the lines of my typical evening is going home, snuggling my cats, maybe watching a movie while I sew or spin.  278 more words



The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity. Robert Anthony

Not sure which Robert Anthony stated this so I will do a desperation posting and post some images about bravery and conformity.

Movie Speeches

Give The Spectators Of America Their Due

The place
wants footsteps
that won’t leave
an impression,

of non-moving
for the engine,

to corporate

and hands
trained to clap… 18 more words