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The He Said/She Said Incident

I am on the track team at my high school. I try really hard doing hurdles and I help the newer people with them. I have good form but I’m slow and don’t win my races (this isn’t about that it’s just background information).

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8 Useful Ways to Deal with Obstacles

We are confronted with obstacles every day. Sometimes they can be predicted, other times they cannot.

Being confronted with an obstacle is much more different than being confronted with a failure. 780 more words


Queen Nothing

This deep place inside cries for understanding

Why I ask, could you dishonor such life

I mean did you secretly really enjoy being

Queen Demanding… 96 more words


Home Business Start Up...Self Limiting Beliefs

When we confront obstacles they won’t become a permanent barrier, but merely some detail that needs to be solved


The things in my head, like spurs

Pressing against my will, my dreams

Fell so distant, cannot attain

What seems so complex is so simple and… 56 more words


The Door

There is a golden hair Goddess at my door

Hair flows so perfect across her ocean blue eyes

My shadow self fears and wants to shut the door… 111 more words


Point To Ponder

It is amazing that there are many who believe we should remove guilt from our minds. The reasoning behind it is that guilt is a negative emotion. 170 more words

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