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The Reliability of a Ritual

I have so much on my mind, so much that I want to say but have neglected to write about for so long. I have a list in my composition notebook of topics that I’ve been meaning to blog, but yet again I have let myself wander away from this safe haven that I have created. 606 more words

유림의 한계

외할아버지는 하나 뿐인 친손주가 조상과 가문의 대를 이을 제사를 지내지 못하게 하는 기독교인 며느리를 못마땅해하신다. 수백년을 이어온 이 나라의 전통과 예절을 무시하고, 손자마저 데려가려는 그녀가 그에게는, 한국인의 정체성을 져버린 꽤씸한 사학도(邪學徒)에 불가한지도 모른다.


Kang Yu (康宇) on the development of Confucian philosophy of history




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Academic Analysis

Famous Philosopher Quote #0207

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”



Hungry Ghost Day

Today is the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the lunar year, also known as Ghost Day of Ghost Month, according to the Chinese calendar. 445 more words

"Our Neighbor's Faith" Message Series

(based on the book “God is Not One” by Stephen Prothero)

August 3 – Islam

August 10 – Confucianism
August 17 – Hinduism… 57 more words


禮(礼)儀 - The I-Li

Confucianism is concerned greatly with behaviors: how one should interact with others and how one should perform ceremonies (such as to one’s ancestors). This is to such an extent that it can be difficult to understand Confucianism as a religion, which in the West is generally considered a thought system concerned with the relationships of death, life and gods. 140 more words