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the promises you only make, the images stuck in your head, the people you've been before

This is take two.

I tried to write, write about my feelings, my lack thereof.
but deleted by WordPress, by shitty internet.

All deleted. But I believe in second chances. 124 more words


Crying for what?

I’m not even sure honestly. Have you ever cried for no apparent reason? That just happened to me. I was sitting here in my family room watching tv and I just burst in to tears. 44 more words

Ode to trials

I am weak,
even at my peak,
But I will find,
What it is I seek.

For the pain,
Will not hope, regain,
It will be the victor, 29 more words

It felt right - but should it have?

Another round of unfiltered thoughts. It’s 1:12 AM. I’ve finished seven worksheets; I sketched forty-nine inequalities, and then I solved them. I had a cup of tea and it was as if I was drinking sugar. 490 more words

Onto the Bumpy Ride

So basically, this blog means that I am downright confused and got no clue what is going on.

This is my own safe haven where I can rant about anything in the world and have people read them to their hearts’ content (and maybe hopefully give me good tips on how to take control, or at least give me a heads-up on what might happen). 120 more words


Seriously....mixed signals.

It’s like I’m dealing with two different people, one day you are so into me and the next you are indifferent. Don’t ask me to share myself with you and then treat it as an innocuous series of events. 19 more words

Keep Me Guessing

Commonly Confused: Advice vs. Advise

The former (noun) means recommendation.

The latter (verb) means the act of recommending.

Enjoy, learners.