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I Can't.

I’ve been playing Skyrim. It’s a game about dragons. I just have to say, before we begin, that this is not an essay about how awesome games are. 189 more words


The First Nice Thing

So I told myself that I am going to try to get better and be more positive. One way to get better is write something nice/good about myself on this blog, instead of only writing negative/dark things. 194 more words

Why did I tell him?

I was walking and I feel pain on my shoulder and I see that Luis accidently shoved against me with the edge of all his binders and folders and books and I gave him an ugly look, not knowing who it was and I let out a man scream. 233 more words



So hello people who are reading this. My name is Merna and I am confused. I’m confused about what to do with my life, everyone has such high expectations about the future and what I should do in order to succeed but the thing is I don’t care. 307 more words


You Made Her...

All she ever wanted
Was to love
And to be loved
In return…

You led her on
You made her believe
In something that
She didn’t trust. 235 more words


The life I will never live.

Do you ever have thoughts about how your going to handle a situation, how your going to face an issue or how your going to live for the next day week or year? 193 more words

Remember when

Remember when,
We were friends?
When I came to you and you came to me, and
Everything we did together was in near -perfect synchronicity… 153 more words