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recently im at a standpoint in my life where im having a hard time with who i am and one thing im really struggling with is my sexuality. 65 more words

Why I Went Natural

Being an African American women we grow up in a world where it is not okay to have naturally curly hair. Why is that? We are always reminded to stay true to our heritage but we are constantly changing the rules. 642 more words



I feel incomplete. I am on an adventure, yet still playing it safe. I am independent, yet still relying on others. I am in a new world, but still trapped in the same mind. 60 more words

The Problem with University Rankings: how to choose a University

Futures can be made on where you went to University but how is one to tell where this will begin? When I underwent the university application process several years ago the ranking tables online were my only mentor; I had only a vague grasp of the different university reputations: there was Oxbridge,some okay ones and some pretend ones that hid behind their sexier siblings in most major cities. 2,013 more words

Six-Hundred Words & A Moan or; Strap In! Shit's Going Down.

Ignore that last post I made. I got a job in a wine merchants so the whole “not drinking” thing kind of went tits-up after two days, though it was a pretty good two days. 707 more words

What I've Been Doing.

In the midst of things...

As you probably already know my life hasnt been perfect or anything near it in the past few weeks. In the midst of everything that was already going on, I happened to cross paths with my ex boyfriend whom I havent spoken to since 2012. 793 more words


Asking Myself Some Deep Questions

I’ve spent a lot of time the last two days asking myself a lot of deep questions.. I’m trying to connect my thoughts and my emotions. 749 more words