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Skin of Glass

My skin is delicate glass waiting to shatter
It trembles when trying to get fixed
It burns when it’s being loved

It has been protecting my heart for far too long… 38 more words


Would You Rent Your Wedding Dress?

There has been a new trend surfacing lately of women renting their wedding dresses.

Mary called in this morning to tell us how utterly awful this is and was wondering why this was even an option. 120 more words


We Are Not Alone!

So many times I find myself trying to figure out certain aspect of life, and as an introvert person this can become a wearisome task. Really, there are days when I feel like my mind can become a “mined zone”–you know the kind of zone where you step on something and something pops and triggers another thought that you don’t seem to be able to shake easily? 507 more words


Ramblings Of An Insomniac

I look at my past and I see happiness. I have erased the pain from that visible part if my life. It was nothing but a reminder of what I once was. 1,131 more words



I’m confused. There are so many butterflies in my stomach, so many thoughts in my head.
I won’t say I’m sad because I am not. I am content with my life. 74 more words


I’m not tired of your games yet

Because you haven’t fucked me

Like you said you wanted to.

You’re in love with her, I know. 128 more words