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To Hurt or Revenge

I’m not threat, take my hand.  I’ll show you what I know. 

The stem of the red maple turns so first, then the leaves. 

The sap of the sugar maple cooks down unbelievably. 92 more words

Words That Link Together

Morris High School expelled senior'56 confused by WHO Ebola victim accounting!


Africa: Ebola cases now exceed 10,000

Headline source allAfrica 25 October 2014

WHO 25 October 2014 Situation Report


Reading the “Ebola cases now exceed 10,141”, given by the WHO 25 October 2014 report, including a minus factor for deaths, what total of confirmed cases are we left with (I am no genius at best have 11yrs + 3mos of a 12yrs to graduation from Morris High School which I never graduated from: 234 more words

World Health Organization

Extraterrestial Life That’s Just of Average Intelligence

Despite our extensive, and sometimes expensive, efforts at trying to find intelligent life other than us in the universe, it appears for now that we are alone in the universe as we know it. 239 more words

Tiny Thoughts

You're Doing It Wrong! #1

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I do not know how long people have made memes around the phrase, “You’re Doing It Wrong!”; I do not recall seeing any off-hand until after Steve Jobs from Apple said it at one of his conferences in regards to the problems people were having with using their iPhone. 474 more words


It’s been a little while since I last wrote an entry, firstly I am not pregnant. For some reason my body just decided to change my period timings. 136 more words


a cry for help

This is most likely going to be rambled and confusing and rubbish, but I’m writing purely because that’s how I feel.

One of my oldest friends, who hasn’t gone to uni, recently got a placement training for her dream job. 295 more words


Mental health professionals - time to dispose of some

Over the course of the past year or so I have spent my time going to one appointment after another, one assessment after another with a constant stream of ‘professionals’ having a view on my life, my mental health and what I need to do. 2,794 more words

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