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Back like I never left.

Let’s be clear: I don’t know I want. In regard to anything.

Lets be honest. I thought I just wanted sex. For like a minute. But in reality, I’m just a girl. 72 more words

Wild Things.

So. I take a big risk and get high outside my bedroom window. I notice a domesticated cat grazing on grass for a good five minutes. 75 more words


My Psychic Experience!

So, yesterday I was feeling very confused with my life and was just unsure with how I should be feeling.  A lot had occurred during the week before and it made me just feel a little torn.  400 more words

Don't Just Exist, LIVE



My emotions have been on whack these past few months. 

1) Somedays I wake up so happy. The next day I wake up so sad. 345 more words

Cars Go Over Hillsides In Avalon, Beltzhoover

AVALON (KDKA) – A man is OK after he accidentally drove his car over a hillside.

It happened early Saturday morning off of Church Road in Avalon. 88 more words


Going to Galway: The Airport

I got to Bristol airport and realised that I didn’t even know if the place I was going to was called Galway. That was the town listed on the hostel confirmation printout, but I’d been calling it “Galaway City.” Had I just misread it? 625 more words


They say home is where the heart is,
but recently I’m feeling homesick.