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My feelings right now.

Confused – well actually trying to make a decision, and finding it difficult.

tired – even though I slept in shockingly late this morning.

Other than that, I don’t really know how I’m feeling.   41 more words

Trust Issues

I think I’m going through a very big dilemma, I just can’t seem to trust my closest friends any longer, and I’m sort of driving myself insane. 311 more words


So like, what happened now?

Musician guy deleted me off Skype and Facebook. I’m confused to say the least. Did I do something wrong? Were my tagged pictures that hideous? I have no idea what I did to turn him off of me, I mean, it’s been a good two days. 87 more words

Wait For It, This Might Be A Large Jump

Recently I have been trying to work on my social skills. And while I know that I am not the most social I knew I could be if I really applied myself. 548 more words


Poisonous Thoughts

I havent been able to process and deal with all my emotions and wrap my head around or accept that you moved on.

However its hard when you start leaving me messages saying how your stupidity and anger is why your not around and I’m naive to think that is you wanting to fix things. 140 more words


Routine World

You know what makes me sad? Everything about a routine lifestyle. I get that people need to have some kind of set plan for their day and/or week. 474 more words