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I feel fine and then I crumble down,
Insecurity is my enemy.

I’m over analyzing every word and sound,
Why can’t my feelings let me be? 28 more words


I’m trying to keep myself together
But I’m ripping at the seams.
Heart has fallen,
The beat is slow,
The hope is cold.
I’ve never questioned this world, 50 more words

Thinking and music = thoughts

She’s so clumsy, breath taken by what’s behind her, stumbling over her future focusing on her past. Traveling so far just to figure you’ve gone in a continuous circle for the longest. 109 more words

The ideal partner

Teresa says I should create a list of things I would need in an ideal partner. And then look at what is behavioral versus materialistic. Finally, I should look at how AJ is and what I’m willing to compromise on. 254 more words

Best Friends

I can’t remember what it felt like to be 14 but it wasn’t good.

Friendships began to end. You know those intensely close childhood “besties” that you thought you would have forever. 771 more words

Sexual Abuse

Secret Jesus!

Man this party was something else! I had so much fun, I hope you all did too remember if you are new! We meet every Wednesday@ 6:30 at Norwalk Naz. 12 more words


The Learning Curve

This morning, I wrote in my journal.  While I was writing, I realized I was not writing what was genuinely and truthfully on my heart, but what I thought would be pleasing to God.  321 more words