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Again a cut..

Not deep ,yet painful.

I hold on fast.

Don’t want to let go.

With every cut the grip gets tighter.

Oh! it pains, yet I hold on faster. 121 more words


Living the life that I want is harder than I expected. In this modern times, I am exposed to opportunities that would make me want to live the life others expect of me.

8 more words

Almost Friday

I’m not very good at thinking of a creative title to my posts. I would have said hump day but I think I used that one already. 637 more words

Um...now im confused

I like Luis, love actually but now I’m starting to feel confused. He never talks to me, now I’m starting to talk to J more, a little and I dont know if I like him or not. 75 more words

lies, lies, everywhere

So he wasn’t responding to my texts and he goes, “I’m with Olivia its our anniversary” and I’m sitting here thinking to myself uhm, how because the 16th was a Sunday and I may be getting which Sunday wrong, but either it was the Sunday he said he wasn’t dating her and then proceeded to fuck me, or its the next one where he said nothing would change and he would be there for walking dead but then it became a maybe because he had family dinner, and then¬†that night he proceeded to not only blow me off, not tell me that was what was hoping to happen, and then not answer a single one of my texts. 42 more words

this is it and i don't know what to do

so i find myself writing about long distance relationships. I’m not here talking about how I’ve been in one and all the amazing aspects of it. 765 more words


I just don’t understand why I’m here.

Do I have any purpose?

Someone recently told me this quote: 

Do you serve a purpose or do you purposely serve? 45 more words