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For future reference...

I’m in that completely unproductive mood when I just feel like playing with words and seeing what they say. Kind of like how people shake a bag of runes and throw them to a surface, or maybe how people drink a cup of tea and observe the¬†predictive shapes left by the leaves. 857 more words


Confused and moody

So there is this prejudice that women are complicated, emotional and moody. I have to admit that I personal am moody and emotional from time to time. 301 more words

The Grumpy Gurl

Ten Things I Hate About You

  1. I hate that you have a complete understanding of who I am within the brief span in which we have gone steady. I should know myself better than anyone else, not you!
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I'm Dancin' Again

I’m dancin’ again!
Through the pain,
And through the tears,
I’m dancin’ again.

Because the dead are raised to life,
And peace will come through fearful strife, 74 more words


Is it daytime??

slept for about 20 hours then woke up with a killer migraine…. Been sleeping ever since. Finally feel up to food now and watching a little tv. 47 more words


Asking for Directions

When a Cheshire cat
Asks you
‘Where do you want
To go?’

How do I respond?

‘I’d like to go up.’

‘I’d like to go right.’ 194 more words


Wishing my life away

A working Saturday…not my ideal way to spend a weekend. Anyway, it is almost ending now. I have been sleeping a lot lately. Not discussing my feelings to anybody in detail. 296 more words