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What is love anyways?

Time slips everyday between my fingers. I forget the days of the week. My day becomes dictated by what time I need to get ready for work or what time I need to drop off my boys and what time they are coming over. 635 more words

The Darkest Night Shift I've Ever Worked

It is nine pm. The streets are oddly empty for a peak season weekend. It isn’t just here either. The whole county seems a bit more silent than usual. 342 more words

Record Playing Carousel

I feel like the record player in my head breaks any meaningful thing that gets placed onto it

Whether seconds later, or months later

That song…those words…play over and over and over and over… 104 more words

Who? (Scattered)

Follow your heart

Not the person who walks out on you

And shame on you if you think that they own a part of you… 165 more words

The Trail Ahead

I wish my life was marked clearly

like the blue trail I walked today.

Trees blazed, telling me when to turn,

alternative paths. That the end is here. 13 more words


The Flying Letter #2

“I have become more serious, than I ought to be.”

It’s chilling here. Bone-cracking cold it is. Winters kicked in early this year. Bonfires, barbecue, hot soups, chicken, kebabs, are the daily necessity. 404 more words


Pregnancy Doubts

I feel like my life is in total chaos and I have no control. The fear I have is I will never be able to reel my life back in.  244 more words