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Why I will not change my name even if I get married

Now, first of all, my desire to maintain my name forever is not a declaration of feminism in any way; although there is nothing wrong with doing that for those very reasons. 476 more words


Ode to trials

I am weak,
even at my peak,
But I will find,
What it is I seek.

For the pain,
Will not hope, regain,
It will be the victor, 29 more words

Laura: Panic Button

“The creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanly sensitive.

To him…

a touch is a blow, 895 more words

enter my mind.

Phase 1-Dream

I was sitting on my porch watching the city when a commercial airliner(737 if you were interested) was in a climb out phase of takeoff. 488 more words

Four-Letter Word

When I first saw him, he seemed like the type of comedian of a teacher. He was tall and lean, with spiky, jet black hair. His eyes were a bit squinted, probably hinting that he was of Asian descent, maybe a slight touch of Chinese or Japanese. 1,202 more words

Short Story


Words of wisdom,
Words of advice,
Words of pain,
Words that pay the price.

Words of beauty,
Words of disease,
Words of angels,
Words burn for a reprieve. 15 more words