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The Refrain

The Refrain

Voices, voices, waves of whispers,
Murmurs bellow, spell disdain
Command focus, ask for replies
Demand attention in refrains

Salty tears beg for placation, 94 more words


When In Doubt, Take Some Advice From The Brady Bunch!

My brain, it is like mush. And other times it is on fire and never wants to lay dormant. I am continually day dreaming about how I want my life to be, and it makes me smile when I think good and happy thoughts. 821 more words

Another attempt at poetry

This is a poem I wrote a while ago. It IS a controversial post, be warned in advance. Because there are parts of this poem which, if researched, do point a finger at a certain Church, I will throw in the disclaimer that this is a poem about PEOPLE and their choices mixed with my own personal opinions, not an attack of any particular teachings of any particular Churches. 499 more words


Three Hours of Explanations, Confusion and Decisions

I have to say the next day after our first kiss, was on of the best and one of the worst days of my life. I was so nervous and so agitated the entire day, I do not know how I made it through work. 633 more words


I've written this unedited and unfinished blog to complain !

Complaining and obsessing over somethingĀ is something I am really good at. Nowadays, I’ve been thinking about my state of unemployment. My thoughts hurt so much that I ended up looking at Google about ‘ how to earn money ?’, ‘how to be a millionaire before 25?’ and other how to do blah blah blah. 347 more words

Experimenting With Contortion and Confusion

After being inspired by Eric Kellerman’s work I decided to have a photo shoot of my own where I take themes he has used to produce my own set of photographs. 146 more words

Final Project

Think The English Language Is Easy? Think Again!

Sometimes we all think that the English language is easier than other languages out there.

After reading this, you’ll realize just how goofy the English can be? 112 more words