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trancestate and co-consciousness

lately our trancestates are more severe. the foggyness and spaciness, floathing away in i dont know were. it leaves an empty shell. its like a balloon floating, going up in the sky and by typing this another connection is made to certain stuff. 194 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

WELLNESS: Children of the Sun

I’ve never really given much thought to the burning star that gives life to our beautiful blue planet, despite the fact that without its warmth I/we would/could not exist. 689 more words


Train of Thoughts

This world is just living you know, like its breathing but it isn’t alive. It’s like a teenager in high school who has so much work to do but ignores it to play. 123 more words



I hear blogging is therapeutic. Apparently I once self attested to that months ago on this very blog, so here I am, back again, hoping that by scribbling down my thoughts here, I can at least somewhat pacify the storm raging in my mind. 692 more words


New Poem: "Bad Reception (The Fuzzy Poem)" by Maggie McGinity

Warm fuzzies. Gray fuzzies. Fuzzy gray. Foggy. Confused.

Not so much anymore, but things written at 3 AM must be shared. Enjoy!

Bad Reception (The Fuzzy Poem) 246 more words


nan guo

she walked four blocks and arrived at his house and he went to another room,

she followed and asked if there was something wrong or was there something that she could do, 153 more words


the ceiling lowers on two people

it’s been a little over a decade but I still don’t have any questions about it,

i wrote the first thing that we did together down in the side of a booklet, 93 more words