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Trying to Make Good Life Choices

While at the hospital yesterday, I had a lot to think about while getting 7389037392 tests done. And it wasn’t until 2:00pm that I was told that I could put on a DVD. 1,759 more words

Nonchy Nomore...

There are many songs that we tend to relate with for one reason or another, mostly on a personal level.  Whether it helps us to find strength to make it through an emotional crisis or gives us the ability within ourselves to improve our life, no matter how you look at it, songs can mean so much to us and have varying meanings depending on where we are in our lives. 801 more words

Entropy levels at Art of Living Ashram

A Friend of mine forwarded this about the entropy levels at the Art of Living ashram or any spiritual place in general. I have heard of entropy only in thermodynamics. 522 more words

Sri Sri

Singularly Married


She is always under him. She never complains on the kind of love given to her.”


Everyone’s attention was caught as Jesreel spoke the words lazily. 6,160 more words

Looking For Alaska

Thoughts on time and the universe

Time… Passes quickly.
Even more so than i expected…
I wasted the majority of my life… Trying to build myself to face death, rather than enjoy my childhood. 774 more words


Swirling Around


This picture I took, is my soy sauce at a local sushi restaurant. It completely sums up how I’m feeling right now. Like all the emotions I feel towards certain people. 472 more words