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I just realized something

So I was reading a previous post “more HoneyBuns in the weight room”
And I realized that this man as clearly said he can’t be with me….but then comes back and admits to having a crush and wanting to date me… 107 more words


It Pumped Through My Veins

The emotions felt like poison.

I hate feeling anything at all.


heyyyyyy, I suck.

So. As none of you know, I have been dating my current boyfriend for the past 7 months (as of yesterday). On my blog, we will call him ‘Max’. 854 more words

Meandering Mumblings On Teaching...And Leaving Teaching

On my last day, after giving the one I didn’t really want away, I greedily whined and stuffed one of the remaining Air Heads into my mouth, embracing the waning maturity I had been feeling for the past month. 1,030 more words


I'm an Ass!

For those who understand where this is going, I mean both the literary and figuratively ways. I made an ‘assumption’. When you make an ‘assumption’… 443 more words

201. Choices

when thoughts collide
in an attempt to choose
unable to take a side
indecisions do confuse

choices made hard, long
between a cake or cookie… 108 more words


High on the list on things I hate

High on the list of things I hate
Broken rulers, being dreadfully late
Burning something or worse leaving it uncooked
Going to a hotel only to find out they’re booked… 211 more words

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