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To Clarify

The reason I’ll be posting many things as/changing many titles and headlines to Alex David Bevan is because I am technically still Alex David Jimenez, but soon no longer will be.


Color Me Confused

Whenever I tell someone I’m autistic, I often get one of three responses that are a bit offputting. They either ignore what I just said, completely change the subject (same thing in my book), or they say something like, “But you don’t seem autistic!” Each of these responses is a bit unnerving, the first two because I’m really, really not good at pretending something didn’t just happen, and the second because I’m not sure what I’m then supposed to say or do. 285 more words


Not Quite Lost...But Not Quite Found

I wrote quite a bit while I was in college and the other night I was reading it again.  Some of what I wrote was nothing more than complaining about classes, some was random bits of my life at the time, and some were actually decent moments of inspiration.  579 more words


Alice Meets the NHS Meets Bladerunner

Life’s lesson 6 on Chaos theory

Grandpa was trapped in hospital, much as Alice got trapped down the rabbit hole. He needed a scan. They kept him in because the scan department was closed by the time we saw a doctor. 919 more words



Fear of what may come
Fear of what will be
Fear of what awaits
Far ahead of me

Insecure about the future


Dear Dysfunctional World

Warning: Quick Rant is below…

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I have just graduated (as you may have read). I am also currently unemployed. 375 more words

Hello world

There you go. Hello world how are things going on with you, i don’t think things are so well with me here. The main confusion is what to do? 116 more words