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He’s in my head
Oh no, he’s everywhere.

How did it all come down to this? 
This ridiculous moment of hurried insanity where I try and gather my thoughts in desperation… 49 more words


Iceland 2014 and Euro+Morocco 2014 Thoughts Part 1

I promised someone I’d post a recap of things I experienced, learned, and realized after coming back from Iceland. Since I went on another trip since then I figured I’d combine the two somehow. 1,235 more words



Meddling  … confusion
A … bad penny … today
Accusations … came to bray
Doubts ‘n fears … came to play
Lucid  … won’t stay … typical… 6 more words

why-why-why. again.

Very few people want to hear about emotional pain‎. I know I don’t. I’m not really keen on my own, and no, hearing about others’ pain does not put my life in perspective—only I can do that, and as all things are not equal, all I hear is a reason ask… 518 more words



please, let me know
why everytime I ask you
“do you like me”
you say no

but then your eyes shift away from mine
your palms start to sweat… 51 more words


Another one, just for the heck of it; I love semicolons

I’m going to talk about myself, probably in run-on sentences, as if there were something to be learned from it. You are about to read a lot of “I”s. 913 more words

Photo Challenge #24 "Sleeping with Skulls"

Lauren Treece

Within me you falter, a silent vertex

In a room no longer fit for domestication

And I wait savage in my absention

Wondering if sleep will clarify… 52 more words