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Le Ching and Other Smart Street Food Snacks

If you grew up hearing Le Ching over and over, either you were a Greenhills kid, a shopaholic or just always hungry!

Le Ching has become so popular with the local crowd, it refused to change its 80s scheme and instead, expanded as… 501 more words


May Foods

Oh yes, May was a happy food month for me. Some delicious Korean, Japanese, and Hong Kong style cuisines, with some nice takeout to boot. Wellcome does a good char siu (though the soy sauce chicken was pretty mediocre.) And I’m sad every time I think about how, after just discovering the mouthgasm that is packaged crispy fish skin with garlic flavour, it disappeared from the shelves of ParknShop. 119 more words

typhoon night~

Having congee and Chinese sponge cake on a typhoon night

Everyday Life

Ho Hung Kee, Hong Kong...one slurp of this wanton noodle and you're hooked

Affordable Michelin star restaurants, which started with Tim Ho Wan, seems to be unique to Hong Kong’s culinary landscape. Ho Hung Kee was even able to hold it 5 years in a row and that must surely speak something about this place. 213 more words

Food & Beverage

Pennywort Congee (Kola Kenda)

You might be asking yourself what the heck pennywort is. It probably also sounds ridiculous on your head.  For those who aren’t into botany, pennywort is a low-growing plant with conical-shaped leaves that’s found in swampy areas. 605 more words


Congee, a Chinese Rice Porridge. From The Archives. September, 2003.

I love this in the middle of winter, made in one of those Chinese clay cooking pots, cooked on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

As you know from reading this blog’s sister site, I have been blogging FOREVER! 431 more words

Living Joyfully

Chicken and Olive Congee Chili

Pick your poison- being torn between two lovers, serving (two) many masters, or chasing two rabbits.   The inexorable truth is that you’ll either end up suffering from heartbreak, afflicted with burn out, or beset by starvation. 383 more words