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It’s been wayyyyy too long since I’ve posted! Since my last post 5.5 months ago, so many wonderful things have happened. My beautiful niece Mae was born, I went on my bachelorette party to Portland, I got married in Vail (!!!), celebrated bemilymiracle part 2 in Taiwan, honeymooned in Japan, took 26 flights, attended 5 other weddings, attended 2 baby showers, attended 2 wedding showers, and helped celebrate my nephew’s 2 year birthday with a construction themed party with vests, hard hats and all. 525 more words


The natural healing power of food #comfortSoup #HoneyBomb

It’s been a week I’ve been fueling myself with paracetamol and syrup. One week that I have been coughing in movie theaters and one week that I perfume myself with.. 543 more words


Budaoweng Hotpot

I am not a big fan of hotpot. I never like the idea of cooking your own food in a communal pot. But since it was for a gathering with friends from Thailand and Philippines, I think I will give Budaoweng hotpot a try. 66 more words

Eating Around

Why a noncook should make congee?

Congee is one of the most effortless things to make and is super inexpensive. Just a handful of rice grain in a large pot of water can make 4 full servings! 114 more words




  • 白米
    • 珍珠米/東北大米口感最好
    • 份量:一杯飯煮成兩大碗粥
    • 根部切粒,上半的可以不要(根部治感冒!)
    • 份量:每一杯飯使用兩棵蔥
    • 切絲
    • 薑闢寒,需要的就多下唷
    • 份量:每一杯飯用一茶匙
  • 雞粉
    • 份量:每一杯飯用兩茶匙
    • 份量:每一杯飯使用900毫升水(一杯飯約5.5量米杯的水)


  1. 先燒水。燒水期間洗米兩遍。切忌用冷水煮粥,口感欠佳。
  2. 水滾後,把米(和水)倒進鍋裡,灑鹽,中火煮至粥滾。
  3. 粥滾後,把切粒的蔥根部和薑絲倒進粥裡,並調至小火繼續烹調約二十分鐘或直至米和水融合理想為止。過程需久不久攪拌,並在中途下雞粉。
  4. 關火後蓋上蓋子,焗五至十分鐘。米粒會較清晰。





Lucca, Benicia

There’s an innovative bar and grill in Benicia with excellent food. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

We had dinner at Lucca Bar & Grill, smack “downtown” on First Street.   653 more words


Minh Ky Chinese Restaurant

I am a big fan of Hongkong Egg Noodles. Since I’ve lived here in San Diego, it is hard to find the good one that taste exactly like the original one in Hongkong, but I found it! 259 more words