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Why do you think Congress won't end the NFL’s tax break?

Perhaps the most famous tax break in America is the one bestowed by Congress on the NFL. It’s famous for its seeming illogic — the NFL, hugely profitable, being called a “nonprofit.”

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Revoke NFL's 'non-profit' status

If Congress is going to get involved in anything involving the National Football League, it should be quite specific and it should deal exclusively with matters of taxation. 212 more words

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Congress, BJP reject Bilawal Bhutto's comments on Kashmir

Congress, BJP reject Bilawal Bhutto’s comments on Kashmir

Taxing or Spending . . .

I see a lot of press about whether we need to raise taxes or decrease spending or  . . . . whatever.

As usual in US politics, people on one side see little to like about anything said by the other side.  336 more words


Is Congress Competent to Craft the Federal Budget Anymore?

Enzi rejects catch-all lump spending deal

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Senate Thursday night followed the House’s passage of a continuing resolution that will fund the government through December 11.  332 more words