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"Peddling Even More Influence": Blackwater Lobbyist Will Manage The House Intelligence Committee

After lobbyist-run SuperPACs and big money efforts dominated the last election, legislators are now appointing lobbyists to literally manage the day-to-day affairs of Congress. For the House Intelligence Committee, which oversees government intelligence operations and agencies, the changing of the guard means a lobbyist for Academi, the defense contractor formerly known as Blackwater, is now in charge. 269 more words


Marco Rubio

When I was elected to the United States Senate in 2010, I set a steadfast objective for myself while in office: to help bring the American Dream back into reach of those who feel it is slipping away. 344 more words


Why is Ohio Republican Mike Turner lying about the continued need to produce Abrams tanks for national security despite Army chief of staff Gen. Ray Odierno for years insisting we don't need them?

Military News: The new defense spending bill includes $120 million for tanks that the Army has repeatedly said it doesn’t want.

For three years, the Army in numerous Congressional hearings has pushed a plan that essentially would have suspended tank building and upgrades in the U.S. 91 more words


Capitol Hill versus Turtle Bay

By Martin Edwards

Congress has always been fond of writing legislation that restricts how international organizations can operate. In last year’s continuing resolution, there were prohibitions on US spending on the new UN headquarters renovations, as well as provisions that required the Secretary of State to notify the Appropriations Committees if the UN appropriated additional monies without identifying offsetting cuts. 350 more words

December 20, 2014: Do You Believe In Santa Claus (Rallies)?

This show was recorded on December 15th, before the Fed meeting and before the huge run-up at the end of the week. The show focused on the fact that the market had been falling since December 8th, which was a bad sign going into what I believe will be a weak Q1-Q2 2015. 306 more words