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Betsy McCaughey: A grim warning cry on soaring US debt

New York Post: President Obama’s self-congratulatory State of the Union message last week made it sound like our nation’s problems are behind us. But on Tuesday the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office set the record straight with a blistering warning. 60 more words


CBO -- How Changes in Immigration Policy Would Affect the Federal Budget

How Changes in Immigration Policy Would Affect the Federal Budget
Source: Congressional Budget Office

During the past two years, the Congress has considered proposals to modify the nation’s immigration system.

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William Galston: The Secret to Taming Health-Care Costs

Wall Street Journal: Oregon’s innovative approach shows that states may lead the way.

Monday’s report from the Congressional Budget Office on the country’s long-term economic outlook underscores what budget experts have long known: The rising cost of health care is the single largest driver of the gloomy long-term fiscal outlook for the U.S. 27 more words


5 reasons you shouldn't believe the government's debt projections

There’s an old joke that asks, “Why did God create economists?” The answer: “To make weather forecasters look good.”

This wisecrack is particularly apt on Tuesday, a day when many on the East Coast woke up to find that the storm billed as the blizzard of the century turned out to be a run-of-the-mill snow fall. 735 more words


Congressional Budget Office: Obamacare costs $50,000 in taxpayer money for every American who gets health insurance

Daily Mail:

  • Stunning figure comes from Congressional Budget Office report that revised cost estimates for the next 10 years
  • Government will spend $1.993 TRILLION over a decade and take in $643 BILLION in new taxes, penalties and fees related to Obamacare…
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A Lull in the Storm

The Congressional Budget Office has a sterling reputation for collecting accurate data and making credible predictions about basic economic and fiscal trends.  CBO analyses, which are based on current law, are generally accepted as valid by both liberals and conservatives.  314 more words

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CBO -- The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2015 to 2025

The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2015 to 2025
Source: Congressional Budget Office

The federal budget deficit, which has fallen sharply during the past few years, is projected to hold steady relative to the size of the economy through 2018.

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