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Oops! Indiana Sen. Dan Coats attends wrong hearing

The people in the hearing room looked familiar to Sen. Dan Coats, as he launched into a question about the Defense Department’s budget.

Only problem: The Indiana Republican wasn’t where he was supposed to be and the witnesses arrayed before him weren’t the Pentagon staffers he wanted to address about defense appropriations. 201 more words


medal award

Has anyone subpoenaed before Congress ever been awarded the Congressional Medal of Testimony?


"Fiscal" Conservatives Have Wasted Millions Of Dollars On Benghazi Hearings

Liberaland – John Amato via Crooks & Liars

The GOP says they pride themselves on fiscal responsibility, but they have been exposed as frauds because a Pentagon report said they’ve wasted millions and millions of dollars on the trumped up Benghazi investigations. 394 more words


Icahn Knows Some of What's Going On at Ebay

Icahn knows a great deal more than he’s revealing. If he exposed the true depth of corruption and deceptive practices and policies that are running rife at eBay, eBay’s top brass would be running for the hills. 37 more words

Sometimes a body just gets tired

Lil dog thinks it is time to get up every morning at no later than 7 am.
Makes no difference how late we were up last night; he just sits by the side of the bed and growls until he wakes me and then after I am up and about the little guy lays down his head and takes one of many naps. 124 more words