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The History of the Traumatic Brain Injury Industry, by Ken Collins

History of TBI Industry by Ken Collins

I believe this article in the blue link above describes the history of the Brain Injury Industry as it exists today.   112 more words

House Report: Benghazi Is Just Benghazi | Mother Jones

We have had a long time to think about Benghazi…..all the hoopla…..all the accusations….all the lies…. and all the drama.  Some have held onto the BS for so long now they just cannot let it go…..for they have invested so much in such into the conspiracy.  44 more words


Three Places That A Proper Background Is Needed (2014)

1. Wedding photo.

2. Graduation pic.

3. During a congressional hearing.


Can’t imagine why-

There has to be some bimbo making faces,

that is sitting behind a person, who has to



1992 New Medico/Congressional Hearings News Articles

I had no idea that New Medico was the recipient of FBI investigations and Congressional Hearings resulting in their being shut down from abuse/neglect, insurance fraud, racketeering, etc.   205 more words