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Newt Gingrich calls for hearings on 'global threat of radical Islamists’; Blasts 'cowards in the news media'

Newt Gingrich is sounding the national security alarm while lambasting the news media:

The cowardice of American news media after killings at Charlie Hebdo -tragic sign of victory of radical Islamists over Western civilization.

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Time to stand...

Time to stand…

Yesterday, “Tortured Language” was written to point out the comedy of errors Congress is in the fact they allowed a massively expensive boondoggle like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the first place and now so many of them are “pig-piling” on Jonathan Grubber as being the villain in this mess. 803 more words

Why Is McCain A Douche?

John McCain in some eyes is a hero…..and that title is a bit vague…..his survival in a POW camo is not heroic….it was an amazing feat to survive…..any way you remember the prisoner deal that brought a US soldier, Bergdahl? 248 more words