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It seems this town got it into its head in the ’30s that hosting a World’s Fair shouldn’t only be for cities that didn’t need the boost or the two-way exposure to the world. 196 more words

Andrew J. Lederer

I mean, it was an accident I got elected last time, a joke almost. Not my joke, but the joke of the people who put me up for office after I made that video, the first thing I ever did that went viral. 294 more words

Andrew J. Lederer

“Andrew, why are you here, anyway?”

Waxman, the guy on his way out, and I, the guy who’d just come in, were, I guess, bonding. 207 more words

Andrew J. Lederer

Yeah, I know.

I haven’t really felt like writing. Probably didn’t need to anyway, anything that happened to me in the last few months that might have been interesting was in the papers. 285 more words

Andrew J. Lederer

Recognized for Aiding the Refugees of a Bad War -- 1967 - 1972

During the Vietnam War, the battles between American and Vietcong forces had the collateral effect of destroying the homes and livelihoods of  hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians.   603 more words

Cool Developments at Congress.gov, including THOMAS. Check It Out.

Nominations, Accounts, Saved Searches – Congress.gov Continues to Grow, by Andrew Weber, In Custodia Lexis: Law Librarians of Congress


There’s a lot of information here. 282 more words


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  1. S. 1982
    Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014
  2. S. 223
    FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act…
  3. 81 more words
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