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Japanese Cedar III / Cryptomeria japonica

Cryptomeria japonica ‘Yellow Twig’ – A rounded form of Japanese Cedar with whipcord branches of a beautiful lime green with some yellow highlights on the new growth. 274 more words


Mugo Pine

Around August each year, nurseries begin to mark down their stock for fire sale. I stopped by Sheridan Nurseries and got this Mugo Pine at 30% off. 279 more words


Two Seedling Cuttings

Today I made two seedling cuttings out of two pine seedlings. One is the sprouted White Pine from a few weeks ago. The other is the one science centre seed that sprouted. 85 more words


White Pine Seedling

Bought some white pine seeds from online, and the instructions calls for a warm stratification of 60 days follow by 90-120 days of cold stratification. I was surprised to find that two seeds were already sprouting close to 60 days of stratification. 103 more words


Black Pine Seedling Cutting

A black pine seedling looks to be ready to be transformed into a cutting seedling.

Creating a cutting out of the seedling will hopefully yield a more uniform nebari. 179 more words


Colorado Pays Nearly $18 Million To Wildfire Victims

DENVER (AP) – People impacted by a 2012 Colorado wildfire started by the state have gotten their compensation payments from the government.

The payments disbursed this week total nearly $18 million for about nearly two dozen parties with outstanding claims from the Lower North Fork Fire. 149 more words