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Conifer Cones 1/24/15

“To effectively communicate we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as our guide to communications with others.” 233 more words

Instant Bonsai!?

Figured I’d give a go at this since where all doing it lately. This is a blue spruce, that I styled the last couple days. I would of had it done in one, but…you know, family and work get in the way of the important stuff :p Any who I left more branches then I need because I didn’t want to remove to much just yet with out in a pot and mulling over the tree more. 173 more words


Delving Deeper -- Pulp and Paper

How very different our lives would be without paper. There would be limited recording of histories, sentiments or creative processes if we still recorded ideas on parchment also known as ‘animal skin’. 904 more words

Delving Deeper

Black pine styled

My largest black pine(posted not long ago),while they are typically styled in early fall or late winter, I styled this guy last week and here are the results. 204 more words


Colorado Cleans Up After Snow Sweeps Through State

DENVER (AP) – Chilly temperatures remain after a snowstorm brought sub-freezing temperatures and several bad traffic accidents over the weekend.

High winds on the Western Slope were causing poor visibility from blowing snow on Sunday and patches of snow in the northern mountains. 117 more words


Jewels and Treasures - My love of trees

I love trees.  I had no choice.  My childhood home was built on land that was once a small tree nursery.  My father bought the property from Miss Marie Crow (she was… 524 more words

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