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Conjoined Twins: Insert Foot in Mouth Syndrome

There have been countless moments in my life where I had the “insert foot in mouth” moments and today’s was probably the best of the best! 148 more words

Conjoined twins born in Sapele Hospital, dies 2 minutes later

A conjoin female twins was delivered in Sapele Hospital, but they died 2 minutes after delivery.

The parents of these conjoined twins were looking for a female child., months later they were blessed with 2 Girls according to the scan the mother did. 69 more words

Conjoined Twins

Conjoined Twins in the Sideshow

After the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show, I was reminded of the research I did preparing to write my novel, Cirkus. I delved into the history of American circuses, particularly sideshows. 2,501 more words


What's the Fascination with Twins?

I admit it. I am fascinated with twins. Fraternal, identical, boy/girl – it doesn’t matter. When I was a little girl, I used to draw crayon filled drawings of what my family would be like when I got older, and they were filled with twins, triplets, and octuplets. 824 more words


I object(ify) ... a new kind of Flipper

Well, American Horror Story has returned with Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s Season 4 iteration: Freak Show. The ninety minute premiere – which I have already watched twice – did not disappoint. 530 more words

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Girl Born as Conjoined Twin in Panama Undergoes Historic Surgery in L.A.

A 2-year-old Panamanian girl born a conjoined twin was separated at 20 days of life, leaving one twin deceased and the surviving twin, Ana Paula, with three legs, a third kidney, and other complexities. 99 more words

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Gifted Hands - by Ben Carson (1990)

He was poor, born in Detroit, and raised by a divorced mother who had only a third grade education. Most people would have predicted he was destined for a life of poverty and low-paying jobs. 385 more words

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