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Moon - Mars Conjunction

A couple weeks ago, we had a celestial event. Two, actually, a couple days apart. The first, captured here, was the conjunction of the moon and Mars. 165 more words


COMMENTARIAL SYMPTOMS, Or Why I’m no Longer a 'Leftist'

I can’t remember when exactly I first began to question my ‘Leftist’, or ‘Progressive,’ philosophical commitments. The reasons were entirely epistemic; but I’ll be talking more about that in what follows. 2,097 more words

Better than-- I vs. me cont.

Who is better, I or me?

You are better than me.

You are better than I (am).

Both sound kinda correct, and turns out, they kinda are. 47 more words


The STEREO mission prepares for its first conjunction

The twin STEREO probes (STEREO-Ahead and STEREO-Behind) orbit the Sun with an orbit pretty close to Earth’s — but not exactly.  STEREO-A orbits slightly lower, which means it goes around a little quicker and gradually advances ahead of Earth.   330 more words


Moon and Saturn in Conjunction

July 7, 2014, evening twilight

Hickory Corner, NJ

Clear, 80ºF

I observed the second conjunction this week, the Moon and Saturn, using my IS binos.  Saturn was within 1º of the northeast edge of the Moon.


Moon and Mars in Conjunction

July 5, 2014, evening twilight

Hickory Corner, NJ

Clear, 75ºF

I observed the conjunction of the Moon and Mars using my IS binos.  Mars was within 0.5º of the north edge of the Moon and almost aligned with the terminator.