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Mars and Neptune at Heliocentric Conjunction

Saturday December 13th the planets Mars and Neptune are at heliocentric conjunction with both planets having approximately the same heliocentric longitude of 336.8o. From a perspective above the solar system the two planets are in a… 42 more words


Holy Shift; Gemini Full Moon

The Full Moon in Gemini 14 hits the airwaves at 6:37am CST on December 6th, 2014. This is the last full moon of the solar year. 1,381 more words






  1. 1.

    a punctuation mark (,) indicating a pause between parts of a sentence. It is also used to separate items in a list and to mark the place of thousands in a large numeral.


the pupil and the professor

So, Tuesday, November 25th, is the day that dear Mercury bumps smack into Scorpio Saturn.

The image in my mind is the distracted awkward freshman with the untapped intellectual goldmine lurking below his immature, social ineptitude, who finds himself in the professor-from-hell’s 8AM class that first, innocent, Fall semester. 154 more words


Grammar Meme and Info-graphic

Here’s a fun grammar meme about the absurdity of English:

And here’s an info-graphic that displays subordinating conjunctions and the ways they should be used: 26 more words

Speaking Boolean in Python

This post is not part of the “basking in basics” series that I’ve been posting lately. I tried to get at the basics of Boolean in the post called  822 more words


Saturn at Solar Conjunction

Tuesday 18 November at 9 UT (3 am CST) the planet Saturn will have reached the astronomical coordinates that officially place it at solar conjunction. From our perspective the planet is behind the Sun, or on the… 203 more words