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CASAA comments on NIOSH proposed recommendations re workplace tobacco use

by Carl V Phillips

Recently the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health issued a draft of proposed recommendations for employers and it was opened for comments. 3,470 more words


Largest Yoga Mat Available 8' x 6' (96" x 72") Ideal For At Home Yoga Studio's Or Can Be Used In Conjunction With Our Square36

Reviews Largest Yoga Mat Available 8′ x 6′ (96″ x 72″) Ideal For At Home Yoga Studio’s Or Can Be Used In Conjunction With Our Square36 for sale… 164 more words

Transit of the day: Out of the darkness, into the light!

Tuesday 16th September

Mercury Libra 19° conjunct (0°) Lunar Node Libra (True)19°-(Mean)20°

The future’s bright for a few days as the planet of communication and intellect Mercury in the relaxed sophisticated sign of Libra makes contact with the sensitive point of the ascending… 229 more words


Transit of the Day: Be Truthful

Tuesday 9th September

Full Moon in Pisces conjunct (0°) Chiron Pisces 15° 

Emotionally painful embarrassments will be the result of lying at this time so if you want to save face then just be honest even if it means hurting someone’s feelings. 194 more words


Yoga Sūtra 2.18

prakāśa-kriyā-sthiti-śīlaṃ bhūta-indriya-ātmakaṃ bhoga-apavarga-ārthaṃ dṛśyam

That which is seen is comprised of the elements and the senses, the temperaments of luminosity, activity, and inactivity, and has the purposes of perceiving pleasure and pain (as well as) that of providing liberation. 525 more words

Yoga Sūtra

Mars, Saturn and the Milky Way in Twilight

Mars and Saturn meet in conjunction beside the Milky Way.

As it was getting dark two nights ago, I shot this view of Mars and Saturn (the “double star” at right, with Mars below Saturn) paired together now in the evening twilight. 112 more words

Alan Dyer