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I think the universe hates me.

I feel a teen-like strop coming on, a bout of attitude full of F-words and Why Me?’s or should I say Why MY Family?
As you know we’ve all had a run in with the common cold these past two weeks, we’ve been coughing and snotting all over the place, I feel like Christmas has taken the back bench and with it my festive feelings. 304 more words

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Elderflowers reduce bronchial and upper respiratory catarrh and are used in the treatment of hay fever. Externally a cold infusion of the flowers may be used as an eye wash for conjunctivitis and as a compress for chilblains. 61 more words

Do I need to keep my child home from school if he has pinkeye?

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is an extremely common childhood illness and this question is one we often face in clinic.

First, it is helpful to know that there are various types of conjunctivitis. 513 more words


Pink eye

I’ve had pink eye for a week now. Of course it spread to the other eye. No one else in my house has it. This may have been caused by a head cold and wearing contact lenses, I was told. 323 more words


It was a sad, painful morning this morning. Last night while in the shower, shampoo residue stung my eyes. When I woke up I got a massive shock, I was blind. 399 more words


Prepussterous 2

So here we are. Me sitting on the sofa and Leo half on my lap as I type, purring louder than a bushload of crickets. He’s on medication once again after yet another cat attack. 256 more words

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Causes of Pink Eye

It’s called pink eye. The medical term is conjunctivitis, and when conjunctivitis occurs, it basically causes red or pink eyes. There is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. 49 more words