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Lessons Learned #1 - Conjunctivitis and Eyedrops

Pink Eye. First thought: Gross. Second thought: Poop.

C started coughing about a week ago. It was not that bad, and mainly got worse at night. 880 more words


Straight, No Chaser: Eye Pain

Look at the picture. What would you do if that was your eye? Would you try to remove the object or be too afraid, fearing that you could permanently damage it? 541 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Natural remedies for Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis or pink eye occurs when there is an inflammation in the protective lining of the eyelids and eyeball. The cause can be viral or bacterial which are highly contagious or may be allergic in nature. 321 more words


Surviving Pink Eye. Not for the faint hearted

There are some inevitable truths when it comes to backpacking and travelling. You will most likely get sick or inflicted with something that tests both your strength and your patience. 906 more words

White Pine for Pink Eye

**Disclaimer** The information in this article is NOT intended to assess, diagnose, prescribe, or promise cure. Its intent is to be purely educational; if suffering serious illness, please contact a professional healthcare provider. 758 more words

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A seagull named Joe Peschi

Yesterday we drove down to Phillip Island, maybe by mistake. I think it was the promise of a penguin parade that lured us there, but as the penguin parade cost $50AUS we decided to do some laundry and go sit on the beach. 455 more words



A stye is an inflamed oil gland or hair follicle on the eyelid. It may occur along the lash line (external) or under the eyelid (internal). 63 more words