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That pesky mouse

Darkened room, still and silent

Scrabbling and rustling fills the air

I stir,  wondering what it is

I remember, that pesky mouse

Pop, pop, pop goes the bubble wrap… 106 more words

My New House!

Last week we finally moved into my new house.  Yes, the house specifically bought for me so that I could lounge in the sun all day :)  I have been taking full advantage of the fact that for once the sun listened to me and gave us some nice weather. 258 more words



Everyone knows I play an excessive amount of comic book related video games, a reasonable enough deduction seeing I manage and produce content for a site called “Comic Gamers Assemble.” However, what you may not know, you may want to be sitting down for this, is that I sometime’s play video games…that are just video games. 1,132 more words


Who, me?

Some time ago, my dad planted a mango stone in a pot of compost and watered it carefully until it grew into a small plant. He found the foliage rather pleasing and decided to grow one for me. 198 more words


We are so lucky to live where we live in the World. The seasons allow us to have such a beautiful countryside. I think the vast majority of people I have asked say Spring is their favourite. 28 more words

Infinite Respawncast - Microsoft and Sony E3 Recap

Audio issues galore in this version. Randomly lost a significant chunk of our Sony conference discussion, and a lot of dropped calls thanks to Skype and garbage internet. 104 more words


Another year, another E3 has been kicked off by Microsoft’s press conference, and this years was certainly something to behold. While previous years shows have focused on the various aspects of the Xbox entertainment experience, with TV channels, YouTube and Netflix announcements, this years show was all about the games. 911 more words

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