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Tree time: July...

Phew, we made it to the last day of term! Things are a bit behind around here, but I’ve just stolen a few minutes to write up the latest from my daily tree project, before I pour a large glass of something red and delicious and head to the sofa. 560 more words


♪♫ A Bonkers as Conkers ♪♫

♪♫ A Bonkers as Conkers ♪♫

As bonkers as conkers, that’s how it goes,

As bonkers as conkers, as plain as you nose,

Crazymad fun tines are coming your way,

As bonkers as conkers – hurray!



Conkers, Adieu

I have written before about the innocent childhood pastime of conkers. Previously I alerted readers to the threat to the game posed by the ‘Elf and Safety brigade. 460 more words


Baby conkers

Last month (13th May) I posted a picture of horse-chestnut candles, and I thought you might like to see how they’re progressing. As you can see, the baby conkers are still in the candle shape, but are hidden away inside their green spiky armour. 44 more words


In the wild

A fab night at Hinckley Island Hotel. 2 double beds and a single in the bedroom, three restaurants on site to choose from, and best of all, a swimming pool! 102 more words

Great Britain

♪♫♪ As Bonkers as Conkers ♪♫♪

♪♫♪ As Bonkers as Conkers ♪♫♪

As bonkers as conkers,

That’s how it goes,

As bonkers as conkers,

Everyone knows,

Stories for children and adults alike, 7 more words


Plant fanatic...

One is perhaps a little wary post 9/11 of using the word fanatic. It has acquired a rather limited and unpleasant connotation. But suspecting I may be a plant fanatic I consulted the Oxford Dictionary which reassures me with one of its definitions: ‘  A person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for a particular activity’. 398 more words