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Blogging 201: Today’s assignment: conduct a short and simple stats analysis that will help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days.

This one will be late as well as short and sweet. 93 more words

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connect-3, 2012

connect-3, 2012

connect-3, 2012

connect-3, 2012

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Forest Fire

Watch those trees, the breeze is turning

The fire’s tease. burning without warning

She catches me, as if I’m going

To strike her back, while I like her coming… 40 more words


Hook and Crook

Sacrifice and desire
When you really want it
You’ll find a way
Make a way
Find the means
Get the connect
There’s something about the unction… 29 more words


Without Fear, My Emotions Will Never Be Free

I covet fear. I believe there is a certain process that a person must follow when becoming successful and that that process involves experiencing a lot of fear. 676 more words


Snippets: The Little Things

Curious, joyous, silly, and sometimes cheeky–these words, amongst many many others, describe my little Grace. Some days are filled with one frustration after another, causing my head to be filled with a fog of confusion as to why or when I lost control. 203 more words



Besides the dental floss
Clings, a crumpled towel
Thrown off to join the golden repertoire
Against misaligned bathroom tiles.

The smoke trails away in such that I’ll bet it… 82 more words