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I Wasn't Looking For You

My heart was lonely,
And so I searched for another
To sit beside.
But when I found you,
I wasn’t looking for you.
You just… 45 more words

Are relationships weakened by social media?

Social media is practically in every persons life, but is it ruining your relationships?

I think it’s both a yes and no answer. Social media can weaken the relationship because it can allow others into your relationship, making it hard to leave your private live, well private. 142 more words

Primary Productions

I’ve had a few experiences lately where I’ve been so impressed with what’s happening at the primary level. By that, I mean grades K-2, but this is certainly prevalent at other levels as well. 539 more words


Improving Communication, One Wiki At A Time

Wikipedia is one of the most (if not the most) interactive method of obtaining knowledge in the modern day era. Sure, it’s received a lot of flack because people can edit it and put obscene, false statements into the system, but in reality it’s a great way of obtaining knowledge. 385 more words


Norfolk school gets grant for Apple technology

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY/AP) — A Norfolk elementary school has been selected for a grant to outfit the students, staff and classrooms with Apple, Inc. technology. 88 more words

Local News

The Family called the Human Race!

We … The Human Race

For all that we are … and are not

We stand tall!

For all that we do … and all that we don’t… 123 more words

Why - The Inspired Word

reflections on e-teaching and e-learning

reflections on e-teaching and e-learning.

I can really appreciate that this blog and the writer share a raw honesty and that both are also founded on sound pedagogy that drives that passion to be… 223 more words