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The Web

Talk about the web, the interconnected planet,

the Internet’s World Wide Web, everything touching.

But this is one spider’s orb web.

Everything connected to it, any silken touch, 7 more words



Lovers and poets.
Words spoken in unison
Connect space and time.



 In the grand scheme of things, my small amount of views seem very minuscule and very unimportant. But when I fully wrap my head around the fact that people from Malaysia and Jordan and Taiwan and Nepal and South Africa have looked at my blog, I feel a little bit more connected to the world.  45 more words

Unite III

Unite with me, dear,
That we may dream together,
Asleep and awake.


Unite I

Desire, passion, love
Echo in hearts united,
As if consanguine.


Keeping connected

I’ll be one of the first people to admit that I love technology. The smart phones people carry with them are full of tools that make everyday life a little bit easier. 690 more words

Viral Media

Six Degrees of Separation

Sometimes, life has a really bizarre way of joining people together. About a year ago, I met a couple from Ohio who are friends of my uncle while visiting California. 340 more words