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Autumn brings mushrooms

How I love the forest and trees
Get down in the grub
Down on my knees

Rare glimpses of deer a treat
Unseen birds
sing, whistle and tweet… 125 more words


Cold, Part 9


It was easy to find her.

“Can’t you feel that?” Ed said to Marisol as she followed him through the woods.

“Other than the fact that it’s freezing out here, no. 1,492 more words


I love the mornings.

I hate technology. It’s hard to say that on a website because, well I’m on a laptop on the internet.

You’ve seen it. All over Instagram and Facebook and other places people are talking about the good ol’ days, the 90’s and early 00’s when we kids could grab a stick and play outside with it until the street lights came on and we heard our mothers call us in for dinner. 711 more words

About connectedness...

“We are entwined… At the basic level, fingers, hands, legs, feet, bodies… At the higher levels, thoughts, feelings, love, appreciation… Across time, over continents, our connectedness endures. 30 more words


Cold, Part 8


“So that’s what happened,” said Ed. “That’s why I wasn’t at school today.”

“And why you got stabbed,” said Marisol.

“Yeah,” said Ed. “And that.” 740 more words