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Planet Pizza- Greenwich CT

We always order their cheeseless gluten-free pineapple pizzas and they are fine if you’re desperate for pizza that delivers. Their normal pizza is really good, but their vegan modified pizza is average. 31 more words

Vegan Thai Basil- Greenwich, CT

So, my friend Je’yln and Bella were craving some Thai food. Sounds random. Is random. But not that random considering the three of us actually went to Thailand together almost two years ago.  204 more words

Vegan Dessert Organic Planet- Greenwich, CT

Check out the delicious vegan dessert at Organic Planet. Literally the best place eva. Not everything is vegan, but they have really good vegan food and stuff (we’ve already posted about this place twice before, but it’s so good i had to post again). 50 more words

Vegan Bambou Asian Tapas & Bar- Greenwich CT

Not everything here is vegan, but there are delicious accidentally vegan options.

The mango tofu is amazinnnnnnn, the avocado rolls are so great, and the shining star of this restaurant is the… 94 more words

Le Pain Quotidien- Greenwich, Connecticut

Today we went to Le Pain with friends for an early dinner, to mope about school starting tomorrow (Spring Break is over… ewwww) and college descisions coming soon (AHHHHHH noooo). 94 more words

Organic Planet- Greenwich, CT

Honestly, you need a fricken map to find this place but it’s worth the journey. A little past the CVS, if you keep walking you’ll see a window for a photography store. 171 more words

Le Pain Quotidien- basically like everywhere

They have Le Pains like everywhere but i usually go to the one in Rye, New York or Greenwich, CT. They have a wide variety of healthy and vegan foods. 98 more words