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Break Me

It will forever astound me how the people who know us the most, whom we love the most, are the only ones capable of crushing our hearts. 189 more words

Field Umbilicus

Field Umbilicus

16 by 20


Julie Crowder



To tear away from your embrace
And that’s what it took
A tear
A tear
I cannot harness the means
To portray what you have meant… 218 more words


Good Gossip

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” But isn’t it true that everyone discusses people? So are we all small minded? 487 more words

Think About It

blooming out of fire

shattered, unique, resilient
we are intersecting glass splinters
jagged and dutiful
renewing the light born
from shadows a million years old

and if you look close enough… 132 more words


Catch up session; Day 66

I had such a great time today. Spent the afternoon out with my sister and one of her friends from high school. And no, it wasn’t weird at all hanging out with my sister and her friend. 787 more words