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Good vs. Important

My apologies for not posting last night, I got home late from a family dinner and had an early start this morning :-)

Today I had a thought pop into my head, which led to a question – the thought was “Art is important, more than ever in this new age of connection and generosity.”. 25 more words


I am a body.

I have a body. 

I am a body.

No separation, presence.

No separation, conscious experience.

Conscious experience is connection, connection transcends.


A puzzle piece.
Complicated to the core.
Never to solve.
Tangle it up some more.
So multi-part.
Difficult…it’s plain to see.
Intricate. 11 more words


A Perfect Camino Day; Day 25, Herrerias to Fillobal

Once again I’m not sure exactly where I am. Somewhere in Galicia now, about 4km before Triacastela. Not having a guidebook, a friend or group to always walk with, or any set plans can be a wonderful thing: I usually start my day with a general idea of where I might end up (I have an outline of stages that Mirra tore out of her guidebook to give me before she left, and sometimes I ask to look at guidebooks that others carry, to give me an idea of what the next few days will be like). 1,400 more words

Camino De Santiago

The Four of Us Are Dying

Absolutely love this song. No words needed…Nine Inch Nails just know that “The Four of Us Are Dying.” This is an instrumental off The Slip album. Awesome to workout to!!

Body And Mind

Caress of the infinate

My soul shudders

I feel you my love

timelessness takes me

liquid illumination

courses my veins

As you caress

My very spirit


Words by errant satiety image from the net un-credited but appears to be by Mizliyuma (Luis Albano) on deviantART 




make the connection

I absolutely LOVE the wording of this article on Yoga Journal describing the difference between exercise and Yoga. You’ve probably heard before that people come to yoga for the benefits it has on their body but they stay with it for the benefits it has on their mind. 356 more words