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Lack of Control in Caregiving!

One of the most difficult issues a caregiver can deal with is the lack of control they have once caregiving begins.  For someone who likes order, keeps a clean home, follows a strict schedule, or has to have control over their life, caregiving can be a shock.  262 more words


Weather Systems of the Mind

as troubles race
around the world
And darkness clouds
my brain
I wonder if
we all share
weather systems
of the mind

tio stib, 2015… 6 more words

Tio Stib

Cognitive Dissonances: I love great music...

Everyone is wrestling with the new musiconomy. The music industry

is following a business model that is no longer dying, but has been dead for years… 227 more words


This Mirror is Trying to be Fair

I took my pet to the veterinarian two weeks ago. I would say our pet, but I am the only one here left to care for him. 1,400 more words

He didn’t know if it

was her beauty or

her beautiful heart

that made him never

want to part

This is my own- Dominique Jones

He made her his Queen

And in return

She honored her King

This is my own- Dominique Jones

a dramatic way of seeing

Just up the road from my house is a shuttered stark barren house. No signs of the past, no hope of the future. Just there. A form without a purpose. 1,191 more words