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It’s the moon, out there
she said
I can feel it big and bright and full
causing wakes that fool with my head

It’s the moon, up there… 53 more words


Missed Connections

Last week, I realized I’ve been feeling disconnected from my husband. I haven’t been sleeping well due to sinus problems, so I found myself too tired to push for conversations and genuine time together. 1,336 more words

Lessons Learned, Lessons Lived

Love: Wear It, Share It

A sweet friend of mine sent this cute, dainty bracelet. I saw this in a gifty shop and thought of you, she said. How lovely. She knows I adore wrist-candy, especially the kind obviously handmade with care and attention. 347 more words

Lady Things

On Being Vulnerable

I feel like vulnerability is such a catch phrase lately. Maybe it’s because I spend hours a day in my office googling TED talks, and listened to Brene Brown’s videos ( 313 more words



When I lived in a city, shielding was necessary – even instinctive. So many people, so much noise, bustle and emotion… everyone does it to some extent, I think, just so that they can think straight! 347 more words


Made to stick

Chip and Dan Heath have ideas worth paying attention to.

Chip and Dan Heath’s Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die grew out of Gladwell’s stickiness concept. 370 more words


Music and the Vibratos

Something I absolutely love and put a massive importance on is music. Music is an understanding; an escape, a true emotion and most importantly music can be interpreted completely differently by every listener that hears it, yet it doesn’t lose its meaning, it just gains more. 286 more words