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The smell
Of earth
Dirt between
Where we go
Nobody knows
Constant smiles
And quiet
Much too cool
To start a riot
Legs under… 40 more words

The Side

On the side she did
remain for the front
is a crowded place.
A type of girl that
shan’t be pegged
unless she’s
strewn in lace. 27 more words


Clean Hands

You spoke to me through Top 40 Pop and R&B while I was writing you poetry.

I lived in a glass case.

I’m not sure if you couldn’t bear the idea of bloody knuckles, or if you could only believe in my glass case the way modern American society believes in democracy. 77 more words


up in the air...the movie

as i’m sure my fellow bloggers, complicitgrace and thewomaninvisible , can attest to, as well as understand, last week at work was brutal. while a (current) survivor of the round of layoffs as well as one of the project leads at the global company my career is tethered to, there is the aftermath to deal with. 461 more words

Real Life

"A-Ha Tip"

For my fellow Entrepreneurs/Marketers out there –

Have you heard the phrase: “Treat your Business like a Business!”…?

Well, if you’re anything like ME – someone who has never started and/or owned my own Business – then you also share MY confusion at that statement… 369 more words


give me happy or give me hell

You delivered food to my door. Our eyes never met. You read the receipt. “The total is $33.06.”

I gave you $40 in bills, and then handed you just over $2 in change as I asked for a $5 back. 488 more words


Even in Paradise by Chelsey Philbot

The cover of Even in Paradise automatically captures my attention. A group of teens having a good time on what looks to be a beach. Need I say more? 533 more words

Young Adult