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There’s something inevitably comforting about meeting someone for the first time, and being able to be your complete self; to not care what they think about your appearance or working hard to make a good first impression, because you can somehow tell that they are looking into you, not at you. 113 more words

A conversation with Ben M.

We sat down at an outdoor table of a coffee shop downtown. He had ordered a coffee, and I tea. We had the basic “How have you been?” chit chat that usually happens when you haven’t seen someone in a long time. 387 more words

To |Be| close

Connection is everything. It is essential to this journey called life. We may not move through our worlds with this thought or even this feeling, but it is true. 368 more words


Know Dear, Know

“I thought of putting my hand where I could tell no one, on that part of my soul that is always warm. I know a scared liquid there could flow and give me peace. 162 more words


All That I Have, All That I Am.

The world is full of people who have made the decision to NOT SHARE with others for a variety of reasons – but all of them self serving and none of them for the good of mankind as a whole. 63 more words


Play as a Band . . .

One thing no one wants in a band is the guy who is super controlling.  It’s easy to become this, especially if you’re the principal song-writer.   98 more words

Connecting to database

After I created tables in phpMyAdmin, I needed to connect to database and make sure that it is working.

I opened created file ‘connection.php’ which I store in folder ‘include’ as I’m going to use it more often. 103 more words

Task 2 (S2)