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He, She, You, Me, We: Just the same

Flying. We are in the plane, overflying the Japan Trench. Still 6 hours to touch canadian ground. Just watched 2 animation movies in a row. It may seem not relevant. 163 more words


Humans have moved too far away from the rhythms of nature.

Many of us no longer know when seasonal fruits or veggies are supposed to be eaten because they are sold year round.

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One Practice to Feel more connected

By positivekarisma

“Love is the power to see similarity in the dissimilar. -Theodor Adorno”

 How to Feel More Connected

Sometimes we may feel separate from one another because we focus on apparent differences between each other.

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Happiness And Positivity

Ain't that a Biaaa deGrasse?

Tonight’s digital composite is a special self portrait. The composite features: the colorless ghost of me; a special algorithm; a black hole; and a special awakening quote by the man I love…Neil deGrasse Tyson. 9 more words

Pleasure And Pain

The Tenth Day: Damn This Rebirthing Process!

It’s clear to me now that I don’t really have that much control over anything; and even though I have kind of sensed it for a while, instructed it for even longer and offered up longish riffs to my kids about the futility of tightly managing anything, it still manifests as somewhat of a shocker out on the road. 483 more words

Unexpected Sweetness

During a particularly difficult time in my life, I would go to my nearest Tim Horton’s to order a coffee every day with a woefully sad look in my eyes. 260 more words