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Internet Junkie

Today was the first day of my somewhat “detox” of using the Internet. I have officially deleted my Instagram account, POF, Tumblr, half of my youtube subscriptions, messenger app on my phone, and a few other things. 425 more words


Day 77 - The Pagemaster and the Performing Arts

Each spring, the Fishers High School performing arts department showcases students in a unique way. An event, known as the Performing Arts (PA) Festival, is the culmination of a year’s focus around a common theme. 262 more words

North Korea Experiencing Severe Internet Outages

WASHINGTON (AP) – North Korea is experiencing widespread Internet outages. One expert says the country’s online access is “totally down.”

It’s not immediately clear if the Internet connectivity problems were an act of retribution for a major intrusion at Sony Pictures Entertainment that the FBI last week linked to North Korea. 151 more words


Keeping Work and Personal Life Separate

I had a meeting with the HR lady this morning about my…hmm, I’m not sure what to call it, my issues I guess. First time I’ve had a chat with her in over a month. 764 more words


I've Learned; You Just Know

I know I love you because I’ve been surpassing all the levels on the way to love and realizing it. I always look forward to the next level and am excited with how far we can go. 137 more words

I've Learned; Stupid

Maybe stupid has become synonymous with I don’t give a fuck what you’re definition of smart is. And everyone thinks they know what the definition is. 109 more words