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"New Power" on the Rise: User Side Synthecracy !!!

This empowered and connected civilians movement I called ‘Synthecracy’ is huge !! Even those with industrial producer-consumer mindsets must have noticed it by now. The demand side is clustering and is getting organized. 436 more words

Reflection on Learning Theories

I’ve been interested in the brain for a few years now, even before I got into the learning and development field. I think it first started as I became more interested in how the central nervous system controlled muscle actions, how the brain interacts with that, how to sense CNS overload, and other weightlifter techniques. 828 more words


Fitting the Learning Theory Pieces Together

At the very beginning of the learning theories class, I stated that the learning theory that most aligns with how I learn is the behaviorist approach mainly because this approach is very much “task oriented” and I learn best when the learning is structured with an observable and measurable outcome.  667 more words


The Internet Scout Report

Teachers often mention to me how difficult they believe it is to keep up-to-date with current quality research and information.  Of course, it isn’t – but only if you have developed a robust strategy for accessing and managing an information flow relevant to your own professional management and learning needs. 406 more words


Thank You #T509Massive!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank the teaching team and students in T509 this past semester.  I just submitted my reflection on my online participation this semester and feeling a little nostalgic about how much I learned from documenting my learning on this blog.   135 more words

Meeting future learning needs of education practitioners

Knowledge building, literacy and communication in action now take many forms. When Skype was first released in 2003, the global face-to-face contact began to transform communication and collaboration in ‘real time’. 1,174 more words


Connections: Where we find knowledge today

Have our learning connections changed in this modernized world as paper books are no longer the sole median for the transfer of knowledge and experiences?   In today’s world of technology, what are the best ways to gain new knowledge?   883 more words