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Analysis of Connectivism

A bit like the concept of time travel in the movies. I was willing to accept the idea of Connectivismn (Siemens, 2004) at face value, in order to support the narrative. 549 more words


The hard problems in eLearning

There are some key challenges that we are facing in eLearning today. And I am beginning to think that these are pretty much invariant to scale. 453 more words


Pondering Connectivism

Connectivism is an interesting learning theory.  Even after reading both the pros and cons of connectivism, I’m not so confident I understand all of it.  I worked to support the pro-connectivism side, and I found that it functioned as a learning theory.  296 more words

Connectivism - A Learning Theory?

Those folks who were given the assignment to defend connectivism as a learning theory had a really tough job. You can read their position paper… 177 more words

Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age

Whilst researching my assignment 2 essay for EDC3100 I came across this post Critical Review of Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age by Kevin Stranack which I thought might be of interest to my other VET students  284 more words

My PLN and Connectivism

Many years ago, one of my teachers stressed the importance of knowing how to find and use information to support us in our work. That meant a trip to the library, a look at a printed manual, or maybe a conversation with a colleague. 623 more words

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My Personal Learning Mindmap

Below is a mindmap illustrating various resources that enable my personal learning.  The two highlighted in yellow, Diigo and Twitter, are new to me.  I  just recently started to use them and think they will be valuable resources. 7 more words

EDUC 6115