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I'm sitting with what I know and wrestling with what I don't

Technology seems to have the most obvious impact or role on distributed learning in an online course.  Discourse and collaboration take place through or with technology and the technologies used can shape the discourse and collaboration that occur between course participants.  802 more words


Teaching Tech to Preservice Teachers

I recently ran across this brilliant blog posting as I was browsing Reddit, and I knew I needed to share it.  The author shares a mock test as a way of illustrating the major gaps in how we teach preservice teachers about technology.   344 more words


Blog 4- Connectivism Mindmap

The Internet allows us to tap into information resources with speed and ease. In recognition of the influx of information, connectivist learning theory asserts that is it as important to know how and where to access information as it is to acquire it. 372 more words

Connectivism Mindmap

How has your network changed the way you learn?

http://www.weforum.org/pdf/gitr/1.2.pdf  This resource indicates that we are part of the Age of Information and Telecommunications era. Farnsworth (et. 347 more words


The FireChat smartphone App worked like a charm during the #umbrellaMovement demonstration in HongKong and during the #JeSuisCharlie demo for Freedom of Expression in Paris. In both cases hundreds of thousands of civilians stood together, packed shoulder to shoulder, on full squares or blocked roads. 765 more words

Our Collective Responsibility

We have an obligation to our students to invest in digital connections.  They are counting on relevance and our connectivity as educators will facilitate the systemic transformation that’s of critical importance.   431 more words

NP1 "New Power" on the Rise: User Side Synthecracy !!! (Jan. 2)

There is something changing in our society. Citizens no longer want to be only passive consumers of things that are manufactured and produced for them to mass consume. 596 more words

Wealth Creation