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Going Where the Money Isn't: Wi-Fi for South African Townships

Note from the author: For the past 10 years or so, I’ve been spending time informally in Africa, where I have a chance to visit with government officials, non-government organizations and residents of towns, settlements and cities.

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The Internet of Things - Terminator, Big Brother or even more power to the consumer?

Whilst researching for a client’s conference, I would regularly come across references to The Internet of Things (IoT). Up until then, an alien concept, it was quite possible something quite phenomenal was on the horizon which had completely passed me by. 631 more words

The Dark Horse- Charlotte Leong

|The Dark Horse|


In battle there are only two sides. Only two decisions one must make. But in the end. Only one side will make it out. 1,279 more words


"Dude...you got rid of your facebook?!"

This was the first of many texts along the same lines I received last week after I’d decided enough was enough and I was going to get rid of my Facebook. 1,771 more words

21st Century

Speedy briefing

This is to announce a series of short writings on trendy topics, pertinent queries or global mind- bogglers. The forthcoming so called “internet of things” makes it necessary to have a forum where sharp information can be acquired on a wide ranging plethora of topics; where each and everyone of us can master the art of connectivity. 48 more words

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Opinion: Distracted Driving

Are we so addicted to staying connected that we will risk our lives and others for the sake of a paltry text or tweet?

When you get in behind the wheel do you drop your phone into the side pocket and leave it there? 462 more words

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