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Yixinou-13000 kms of New Silk Route

Thousands of years it took for us to disperse on this planet, to spread, to experience, to learn and now establish modernized resumptions,
To fly in the sky, to traverse routes in the once infinite oceans, spreading webs of flat iron rails on the spherical Earth, in all directions.

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Stalker mode.

We might not admit it, but we all do it. Those times when you get so carried away with clicking profile after profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as you dig yourself deeper into the stalker’s abyss, and once you snap out of it you find yourself on your friend’s sister in law’s second cousin’s page. 239 more words

The God of Love

In my imperfections

you’ve birthed flawless

For my sin

you’ve given me grace

and each time I stray away

you stay with a love that draws me back again… 14 more words


Landscape genetics of the blotched tiger salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum melanostictum)

Spear, S.F., et al. 2005. Landscape genetic of the blotched tiger salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum melanostictum). Molecular Ecology 14: 2553-2564.

*A study that utilizes GIS data as well as genetics to observe the effects of landscape on gene flow for the blotched tiger salamander. 15 more words


IoT (Internet of Things) will go nowhere without cloud computing and big data analytics

This is part of Bill’s series of posts on the Internet of Things (IoT) topic

In my last post on this topic, I discussed how advances in connectivity and networks and in sensor and microprocessor design are helping to make the future of the Internet of Things a reality. 691 more words

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J2SE Adapter Engine - Setup/Installation

How to use the J2SE Adapter Engine:
The J2SE AE is still supported and being maintained by SAP. You can use it if you need a light-weight middleware component on any system close to database, JMS queue, WebService or NFS filesystem. 231 more words

Adapter Engine

Sheep farmer finds downed "Google Loon balloon" in South Africa

When sheep farmer Urbanus Botha found a crashed balloon in the Karoo semi-desert in the north of South Africa, he initially thought it might be a weather balloon. 240 more words