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Culture is made by three things Communication,food and shelter.In these three things communication plays most vital role because it expresses the culture and food style.Still,90% of people don’t know cultures around the world because,they are not communicating.what are your views..please share..


Webinars and people

Webinars are always associated for people who work on internet or have their roots in IT industry.But,why? Why people like you and me get connected with it.If people like you and me will start using it,intelligent people in world will share many ideas,views!!..what you think?


On Spirituality and Sex.

Countless sexual experiences have left me wondering about the true meaning of “sexual satisfaction.” For a fleeting moment, we can be physically, and on occasion emotionally, connected to another individual through sex. 950 more words


Botanicus Interacticus: a technology to interact with plants

Botanicus Interacticus is a technology for designing highly expressive interactive plants, both living and artificial. Driven by the rapid fusion of computing and living spaces, Botanicus Interacticus takes interaction from computing devices and places it in the physical world using living plants as an interactive medium. 78 more words

Innovative Technology

November 21 - Conservation of black rhinoceroses in Africa

Southern Zimbabwe supports one of the major metapopulations of black rhinoceroses (Diceros bicornis) in Africa. This study focused on determining the level of genetic structure, genetic diversity, and population connectivity among three major populations within Zimbabwe, Bubiana, Save Valley, and Malilangwe. 245 more words


Webinars and World

Webinars enhance communication between the two ends.Webinars provide you the most advanced technology.So because of this,people are thriving for its use.I like to hear experiences from bloggers who use webinars..please post in comments.


What Makes A Good Plot Twist

You know at the end of the last Indiana Jones film. Just as the film is headed up towards the climax and you’re about to see where the whole movie is been going and then suddenly aliens appear? 367 more words