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Volume I~Chapter IV-1


9:39 AM


We got to a church on army post road, and found Kaleb’s body leaning against the building… dead. Who is left of delta team? 223 more words

Living Afterlife

Volume I~Chapter II-9


5:06 AM


We hear gunfire coming from the southwest. Quickly gathering our things, we rush outside and on to 14th. Standing in the middle of the street looking in that direction, an explosion coming from the direction of the gunfire. 130 more words

Living Afterlife

Volume I~Chapter II-8


9:37 PM


It’s been quiet since we left city hall. We blew up most of our supplies that took months to salvage, but we had little choice due to the zombie attack. 177 more words

Living Afterlife

Volume I~Chapter II-1


3:15 PM


My team and I are boarded up in city hall. Des Moines has gone to hell, and we don’t know if there’re any more survivors. 249 more words

Living Afterlife

Winter is coming by Thybruns - As seen on 500px

The winter’s conner in my garden. Look through from kitchen window. Một khoảng trời riêng, Một góc vườn lặng lẽ….Một góc nhỏ tâm hồn Anh thấy được gì không ? 27 more words


Hidden Valley Market- Chapter Six Part Four

Hidden Valley Market
Chapter Six Part Four
(Year Two)
Aaron reread the directions as Conner opened the passenger side door. Conner buckled his seat belt and asked, “You know where we are going? 1,680 more words


Murder she wrote

Who else jumped out of there skin when they heard “Don’t be” coming from the shadows? Annaliese is something else! She is either an evil genius, or just plain bat shit crazy. 441 more words