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Getting slapped after driving over the Golden Gate Bridge

I’m pretty sure it was just nerves. I know Connie really wasn’t going to slap me after we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. She wouldn’t . 513 more words

Sisterly Love

Lemon Sage Chicken Scallopini with Apple Cider Glaze

It’s NaNo! National Novel Writing Month to be exact. If I’m not done with my cozy mystery by now (I’m writing this early in November) I’m darned close. 721 more words


My education . . . courtesy of Connie

I was always in awe of my big sister Connie. She was so brilliant! For example, I learned these two little things from Connie:

  • Flipping the bird (with your middle finger) came to be from “some guy in New York.”
  • 277 more words
Sisterly Love

Christmas in my colours!

Now this *Cheeky Amour* outfit is definitely not winter friendly but it’s a fun new take on snowflakes *grins*. I was originally shown this dress in white and blue and a little bit of grumbling…*cough* I mean…creative discussion later, this darker dress was created! 41 more words

Related rates and sphere problem.

The radius of a spherical balloon is 10 cm.
a) How fast is the volume of the balloon changing with respect to change in its radius? 74 more words

I'm bad, little b*tches

No not really but these t-shirts from *Cheeky Amour* are! I particularly love the first one with it’s sneaky little tagline underneath the ‘disclaimer’. Bad Influence comes in black, red and pink while¬†Good Bad Girl Top comes in black, purple and green. ¬† 60 more words