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Day 1, Week 1, Post 1, Project 1: Where am I now?

My MA project proposal can be found here (link). That summarises the issue I am trying to explore but doesn’t really give readers and idea of how I see my current practice. 307 more words


Abandoning the alphabet: Emoji and the new worldwide language

Here’s a full disclosure from this converged communicator. As a professional writer for a large print publication, I am no frequent user of emoji. For those who aren’t familiar with emoji (there is no plural form), these are symbols that cover a wide variety of images and are often added to texts, Tweets, Facebook posts, and the like. 306 more words

Assembling Digital Media

A photo a day - corruption

Our back garden has some of the flower arrangements from mum’s funeral last week. They’re beginning to look a little tired now. Their slow corruption made me think about how mum no longer exists as a physical entity. 60 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 238] Pass

This post is essentially a continuation on an idea that I wrote about nearly a year ago.  In that post, I considered connotation versus denotation, with respect to the phrase “out of town” as it relates to going between municipalities of a metropolitan area. 514 more words


A photo a day - the cremation and wake

We had a lovely day and turnout for mum’s funeral today. It was a busy day for me but I enjoyed saying bye to mum in a way she would have liked. 33 more words


The meaning of debauchery

Last week, one of you commented asking me to elaborate on the term “debauchery”, which I used in a previous post (http://pujaguha.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/each-of-us-can-have-multiple-lives-if-we-choose/). I’ve been struggling intermittently today, trying to think about what I would say about this. 641 more words

A photo a day - Nan’s house

I promised dad I’d pick up fish and chips for a second time this week so planned to stop outside the chippy, and phone to ask them to bring the meal to me to save me getting in and out of the car. 128 more words