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A photo a day - no Orchids

As usual I visited dad today. We ate our fish and chips, but before I ordered his groceries online he had a little list of things for me to do: change the time on his microwave, cooker and mobile phone and stop the printer from only partially printing Tesco pages. 162 more words

A Photo A Day

So you wanna set the mood, baby? Part 2

Why don’t you have another glass of wine, mm? I’ll light these candles. Because we’re all about mood again today, angel pants. Awwww yeah. 522 more words

Project 5: A New Focus

Where I am now
So last week was a bit of a washout in terms of finding a direction but the weekend’s work on reviewing my project proposal has helped enormously and I think I have found a way forward. 794 more words


A photo a day - intimidated

I had to take my car in for its annual service today.

Even though the place is nice and people friendly the venue can be intimidating. 136 more words


Another day another couple of approaches

Rather than isolate items within the frame or imbue the image was false values of movement (as some of my earlier work has done this week) I placed some kit into a plastic container and shot through it. 275 more words


A photo a day - buses, the internet and the weekly symposium

When I was young the term stagecoach meant a pre mechanical form of transport and boots were things I put on my feet. Yet as I have grown older my awareness of the use of language to brand things and own words has grown. 398 more words


A photo a day: Facebook, ubiquity and photos

It’s funny how things work. I saw this post from another student who is a year in front of me and clicked the link only to see this: … 288 more words