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A photo a day - connotation seeing mum in everything

Steve, my brother, took dad to see mum today and I did little other than rest, think and plan. Karen did dad’s shopping and I arranged for a cleaner going into dad’s once a week beginning tomorrow morning so at least his sheets will get changed. 183 more words


Vision translated

To immerse

myself in verse

my yearning and my desire,

languidly drowning

in the sea of rhyme.

Finding meaning and rationale

in metre, movement and measure, 39 more words

My Life In A Suitcase

Ich verstehe nicht

Stephanie Chan

Learning a language that’s rarely used in your country can make you a good translator and would allow you to understand what’s being said more accurately. 471 more words

Sometimes, it's OK to be Selfish

Some people are just damn awful human beings. I’m not even talking about people my age, I’m talking about damn grown ass adults that have a damn kid. 319 more words


A photo a day - femininity

Karen bought these shoes the other day. Have you ever seen something so mundane yet pretty?

I don’t think the pumps are beautiful, that word is too deep and heavy to apply here. 48 more words


A photo a day - emergence

I wake up happy. New day, new start. Yesterday’s mishap has gone and today’s light will crystallise the little irritants allowing them to fall away and impressions will fade. 12 more words


A photo a day - the unexpected

I usually post the day’s photo a day on the day following the taking of the image. This allows for the image to be taken anytime on the previous day as well as time for considering it and writing up the blog.

425 more words