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A photo a day - technically poor but still evocative

Much photography requires technical excellence. For example, getting crisp shots of horses and riders galloping on a race track while photographing from a distance can be difficult. 228 more words


Semiotics - Introduction.


The study of signs.

Semiotics is something you cannot talk about easily, because it is something that occurs all around us without us noticing! Ferdinand De Saussure was a Swiss teacher who dealt with linguistics. 548 more words

Graphic Design

Peer Blog Post

I agree with Abbey’s denotation of the photo that it is simply a picture of Kim Kardashian with Valentino and others at the Valentino fashion show during Fashion Week. 616 more words

Quote for Today: Mary Roach

With the rise of classical Greece, the soul debate evolved into the more familiar heart-versus-brain, the liver having been demoted to an accessory role. We are fortunate that this is so, for we would otherwise have been faced with Celine Dion singing “My Liver Belongs to You” and movie houses playing… 64 more words

Quote For Today

A photo a day - You know you’re getting old when….

… you suggest shopping at Jempson’s in Peasmarsh and stopping to have tea and cake and come face to face with your future…



Gestures and Sorority Hand Symbols: Connotation & Denotation

Abbey Bonadies made a blog post on the topic of gestures, and she discussed how hand gestures and body language are a major part of her life. 676 more words

The artifice in representing reality

Everyone knows the painter’s skill is capturing reality and the range of ways of doing this. Indeed recently the difference of approaches of Constable and Turner have been in the news – see… 208 more words