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A photo a day - the cremation and wake

We had a lovely day and turnout for mum’s funeral today. It was a busy day for me but I enjoyed saying bye to mum in a way she would have liked. 33 more words


The meaning of debauchery

Last week, one of you commented asking me to elaborate on the term “debauchery”, which I used in a previous post (http://pujaguha.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/each-of-us-can-have-multiple-lives-if-we-choose/). I’ve been struggling intermittently today, trying to think about what I would say about this. 641 more words

A photo a day - Nan’s house

I promised dad I’d pick up fish and chips for a second time this week so planned to stop outside the chippy, and phone to ask them to bring the meal to me to save me getting in and out of the car. 128 more words


Orphan Words

Do you use the word must or do you have to write some extra words in order to avoid that word?

It is quite interesting to observe how often people write… 517 more words

Craftsmanship Of Writing

A photo a day - happy

The day began with a prolonged and deep storm and much of it was taken up with further preparation for mum’s funeral. It closed with an impacted bowel that cost me a lot of blood and effort in the night – so even though the description makes the day sounds bad and could have been morbid I am happy. 19 more words


A photo a day - En-ger-land, En-ger-land, En-ger-land

My little wild rose reminded me of the English rose motif used in manifold ways. So I suppose this photo speaks to those of us who define ourselves and English differently that it does to other nationalities. 12 more words


A photo a day - no more chips

I got up and drove the two miles to St Christopher’s Hospice getting there at about 9.15am expecting the usual day of sitting with mum interspersed with tea in the Hospice’s garden. 246 more words