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A photo a day: Facebook, ubiquity and photos

It’s funny how things work. I saw this post from another student who is a year in front of me and clicked the link only to see this: … 288 more words


Curation: do I have a working set?

As is my habit, before beginning work today I just reviewed where I had been and as going with this project. This involved reviewing the images, ideas behind them and deciding what to do next. 251 more words


Getting somewhere

I think I enjoyed a little breakthrough today. Instead of working with pieces of kit and placing them into settings that question the sense of place and location I worked on two images – one domestic and one public – and injected obvious symbolism that destabilises the vistas. 259 more words


A photo a day - 13 Brown House

After visiting dad today for lunch I drove the 2 or so miles to 13 Brown House, Chulsa Estate – the place of my birth and first five years. 184 more words


Do You Get Me Now? Good!

I previously blogged about the differences between denotation and connotation and I received a lot of replies about how much they apply to text messaging. I conveniently found a tweet from a fellow classmate which pertained to emotions being expressed through e-mails: 710 more words

Weekly Post

Literal Meanings, Literally

Meanings. We create meaning from information we already know, concepts. However, what about the several literal meanings we can make? Things like denotations and connotations may jam up our thoughts about literal meanings, but Sean Hall can help us understand them a bit better in his book, … 636 more words

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Negative Connotations

Negative connotation is an unfortunate side-effect of repeated word usage in society. Words, with intended meaning embedded within them in order to further the distribution of information between individuals, end up being used in conjunction with certain other words than their fellows, and so become more related to each other through their repeated use. 1,172 more words