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A photo a day - image number 365: the end?

Today marks the end of the first phase in my 365 project. Even though I have called it a photo a day the reality is that it is not. 425 more words


A photo a day - typology to selfie

I was feeling energised today and had the intension of shooting a typology of my spectacles. I didn’t think this would take long and yet its now early evening and I have only just finished. 186 more words

A Photo A Day

A photo a day - gaudy Santa

I got up for a while today and drove to Bromley to pick up my glasses. While waiting for K to come back from another store I took this image as it caught my eye for no other reason than the gaudy setting and the costume the poor attendant had to wear. 23 more words


A photo a day - times past: past times

One of the ways my paralysis expresses itself is to indicate pain where I can’t feel by sweating. So as I am typing this my crutch and right thigh and kidney areas are tacky with sweat pushing though my clothes and I know I have to go to bed and try and change position as my body isn’t right. 404 more words


A photo a day - Advent

It seems a little early to me but a couple of homes have their Christmas lights up already.

Still, it brightens up the long dark evenings and makes some homes stand our from others… in a good way.


A photo a day - collecting little things for Karen

I’ve been incrementally ordering little things for Karen’s Christmas and birthday presents. Her birthday is only four days after Christmas and so it’s always too easy to overlook the need to mark it separately. 154 more words


A photo a day - technically poor but still evocative

Much photography requires technical excellence. For example, getting crisp shots of horses and riders galloping on a race track while photographing from a distance can be difficult. 228 more words