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Looking at other people’s work: Digital Revolution

Rather than move straight into creating some work I thought I’d step back and reflect on the Digital Revolution Exhibition I visited at the Barbican in Late August 2014 and posted about that visit here… 442 more words


Editing Tip #51

Tightening the Belt on Your Prose, Pt.2 ~

There are times when you can vividly imagine something happening or you’ve decided to use a more literary technique and venture into metaphor to better describe how something feels or smells… editors look for clarity in these images – here’s how. 629 more words


Reflections on Project 1: form and evocation and how others speak visually about landscapes

I introduced myself to some of Godwin and Burtensky’s some years ago and so will not repeat my thoughts from back then here. However I do think it’s worth spending some time comparing and contrasting their styles and approach as this can help inform my approach. 776 more words


Another approach to my landscape imagery - distortion

I think my earlier experiment with blocking aspects of photos didn’t work for several reasons. Firstly I used images additional to my original set this introduced new issues (countryside v urban for example) that I never intended to address and so they clouded the issue. 457 more words


A photo a day - bubbles

I’ve been thinking a lot about form lately.

I’ve framed this image it to be clear enough not to be abstract, but be quite close to that. 43 more words