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Nobody Likes to do Abs

From my experiences in the gym, I honestly know only one person who enjoys doing abs. I personally hate it, but you know you gotta do what you gotta do. 345 more words


North Carolina State Fair - breaking my rules and conquering my fears

This year I had two specific goals to accomplish at the NC State Fair: I had to eat a Krispy Kreme burger and ride the Ferris Wheel. 215 more words


Load Your Gunz

A little early this week, but that’s because I need to post something for the midterm. Hopefully the workouts I have given you have made you sore and hurt, because if they haven’t, either I’m failing, or you aren’t putting the essential work necessary to become sore. 480 more words


A universal message- Conquer your fear, don't let fear conquer you

“…When theories change and crash, when schools, philosophies, when narrow dark alleys of thought, national, religious, economic, grow and disintegrate, man reaches, stumbles forward, painfully, mistakenly sometimes. 322 more words

The search

For the past few weeks I have trolling the internet searching for potential companies to do my Internship at and it has come to my attention that even though there are soo many internship positions available across the globe, most (if not all) demand some level experience = 1 to 2 years experience!! 228 more words


Folly of Imaginations

Oh what a folly if I had once said

That I could ever be something instead

Of the person that I grew to be

Never content to be only me… 94 more words