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Divide And Conquer

Let’s break the wall
That was meant
To divide us.
Explore my vast world
And I’l explore yours too.

The pep in ya (your) step!

It’s not even about getting to the top or moving from the bottom to the middle, up to the top. It’s about maintaining the character to get up everyday to do what you are supposed to do. 35 more words


Storytime: When I was 4 years old,  I was a ballerina but I quit ballet because I was scared to perform. At 8, I did Tai Kuan Do, but quit that because I was afraid to get hit during practice. 176 more words



If I conquered all the galaxies,

would that bring you close to me?

Love And Romance

Let's get stoned (part 3)

“Hey, he was just exercising his first amendment rights! Lay off!”
“I support stone control! There are too many stones in the hands of our youth!”
285 more words

Morning Thought With Pastor Tim

Fear. Peur. Miedo.


Fear itself is like the nightmares you have when you are asleep. It is your mind saying not only do you have the power to control them, you are capable of defeating them, more over You are able to conquer them. 274 more words


Conquer Your Day

This day is yours, it was meant to be conquered, meant for you to use your creativity, your passion, and your knowledge to better not just you but everyone around you. 162 more words