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The Paying Guests--Sarah Waters (2014)

Just so you know, I reveal details of the plot here, so maybe bookmark this for later if you’re planning to read the book anytime soon. 3,461 more words

Herman's Yellow

I’ve been trying to write this post for a week now, but couldn’t get the right angle to take. After considering a few options, the pressure from people who have seen the pic and want to know ‘wat is die storie dude???’ became to much, so here’s the story. 1,138 more words


Conrad Victory

Victory by Joseph Conrad, 1915, contains many recognisable Conradian features: the carefully drawn exotic setting, narratorial frames, the presence of merchant seamen, a dreamy protagonist who is uncertain whether to act in the world, and if so how, and female characters awkwardly depicted. 1,107 more words

[Java][JSoup] Having trouble using JSoup to obtain list of artists + tracks from HipHopEarly website

I’m starting to become frustrated with this little project of mine. What’s weird is I had the program working at one point. I came back to add a little bit more to the program, and it no longer grabs anything. 170 more words


Sponge Bob opens the season

In my pursuit of kob, I’ve become familiar with the different seasons in the various parts of our coastline. The guys in the Eastern Cape are truly lucky, being able to target them throughout the year with a peak during winter months. 243 more words


Conrad Dubai - UAE A fabulous team of engineers, architects, and...

Conrad Dubai – UAE A fabulous team of engineers, architects, and skilled constructors have…