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Home Alone versus Family Feud

The inspiration for this post!

If you were thinking i was going to compare a classic movie with a hilarious television game show you are unfortunately mistaken! 165 more words


Cons of Social Networking

In today’s society, it’s very seldom that you’ll find completely self sufficient individuals in the world. Communication is a key element to human existence, however, social networking has dulled today’s society to effectively interact in face to face situations. 93 more words

Horror Cons

I’ve never been a convention type fan. I understand the allure, but I’ve just never felt the desire to go. Horror celebrities, film previews, collectible memorabilia, rare items to see or bid on. 238 more words


Artists of Magic: the Gathering Coming to [Gen Con 2014]

Of course, MtG players value cards for their effects and how they benefit the playability of their decks. But another aspect that collectors and players value is the artwork and how it portrays the card it heralds. 187 more words


Nokia XL - Pros and Cons

This is another dialogue I had with a friend who asked me about my two weeks trial of Nokia XL.

My friend: Did you enjoy taking photos with the Nokia XL? 956 more words


Call for Proposals: Hackaday 10th Anniversary

On October 4th Hackaday is celebrating our 10th anniversary. We’ll be hosting a live event in Pasadena that day which includes some hardware hacking, some workshops, a mini-conference, and a party. 219 more words


Fall Girl in the Edinburgh Festival

Have you ever been scammed? You must have. No? Ever thought you’d made a really good deal only to find out it’s quite the opposite? Or worse still, have a vague inkling that something isn’t right, that you may be part of a con, but in the face of smiling, cajoling strangers you find yourself going along with it anyway? 515 more words