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The old fingers just don’t work right anymore, she had thought, when she left her place beside the chair and dryers after almost thirty-five years. Perms, styling, simple trims, she had been fast and she had been good. 917 more words


New Vlog: The Pros and Cons of Moving Out

Recently started a youtube channel and filming vlogs to practise script writing. I actually really enjoy it. My latest on is up!

Pros and Cons of Moving Out Vlog


Flying Solo

Ever found yourself in an amazing situation you never thought you’d be in? I don’t mean a ridiculous dreamy scenario – like being stuck in a lift with Ryan Gosling and a box of doughnuts. 326 more words

The Hyphenated Last Name

Okay, so let me paint y’all a picture..

You’ve just gotten married! Congratulations, girl. The honeymoon phase is over, and you are back to reality with your man. 272 more words

Do Plant Based Waters Add Up Nutritionally?

All the trend and hurrah is surrounding the plant-based water products — but beneath all the commercialized logos and 3d rendered imaging, does plant based water  180 more words

ABS vs PLA-Adina Friedman

For our prototype, our group is going to 3d print our test casing so that we have more control over the shape. While Jessica and Paloma were modeling it on autocad, it was up to Kyrie and I to order the plastic. 329 more words


So technically Winter officially started 22 days ago, but for me it only started yesterday. Why? Because it’s the first day I wore my bobble hat. 234 more words