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Bristolcon Schedule

Bristolcon is on Saturday 25th October

I’ll be travelling to Bristol on Friday (arriving around 3 p.m.) and returning home Sunday morning (staying over in the convention hotel) so if anyone is hanging out in the hotel, I’ll see you there. 127 more words

Why You Shouldn't Live With Your Best Friend

I’ve heard it all.

When I told people that Emma and I were going to live together, the most common reaction was, “Ooh. Are you sure? 434 more words

To Mouthwash or Not to Mouthwash?

Κατασκευαστές στοματικών διαλυμάτων αναφέρουν πως τα οφέλη της στοματικής έκπλυσης ξεπερνούν το προφανές αποτέλεσμα της ποθητής αναπνοής.Σε ποιόν δεν αρέσει η αίσθηση φρεσκάδας που χαρίζει η χρήση τους;


Is University Worth It?

Everyone loves a bit of controversy in the morning, I hope. This is going to be exactly that, it’s something to get your grills all heated, something to make your blood boil whilst you pour the hot water into that morning coffee and most of all its calmly debatable. 1,605 more words


Greetings! This is a native of Australia, isn’t he cute! Look at those eyes-so sincere-so trusting! What should we name him? Leave a suggestion below in comments so I can randomly choose a name for our furry friend “Our Real Estate Mascot”!!! 241 more words


Pros & Cons Of Domestic Storage Deals

Domestic storage can be useful for a whole range of things however as with anything there is always some sort of downside that has to be taken into consideration. 599 more words


iMovie - App Review

Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you about iMovie.

iMovie is a spectacular app. You can make proffesional grade movies with it, you can make trailors, and much more! 70 more words