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302 Murky mirror

Be aware of your weaknesses and ask God’s help to overcome them.

When you fail, tell God you are sorry.  He will give you the grace to go on. 37 more words


The Cruelest Month

Late-spring’s dilemma
Is unabridged and sweet;
Beardtongues and fuchsias peer through grass blades:
Blotches on the bristly canvas.

Camellias? Still in April.

Slices of rye shift on my plate; 108 more words


Wanna be a Law-keeper?

Let’s say someone were hell-bent on being a good person . However, imagine whenever that person observes something evil or uncomfortable emerging from his heart, such as pride, hatred, wrath, jealousy, covetousness, aggressiveness, enmity against God, or grief over a great loss, such a one would either follow a ritual of sorts by confessing his sins to God in the hope of getting rid of them or he would try to take his mind off these things by devoting himself fully to something which does not cause these bad feelings. 943 more words

Walking In The Spirit

O b s e s s i o n ! / Jealous Lover.

She asked her doctor to prescribe a remedy to cure her
Obsession, the doctor suggested for her to try “patience”.

She found out patience was just an illusion , 73 more words

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life

The Whiskey Witch and the Parlor Snitch

The whiskey witch and the parlor snitch

and the pig between with the hungry itch,

one fallen from clouds, one brought from the ditch,

that whiskey witch and parlor snitch. 206 more words


a critical look at how the Holocaust (of European Jewry) has been used and other relevant questions

In this essay, we look at how the official history of the Holocaust has been used since 1945, and afterward we add a few relevant, important questions to the discussion.   1,340 more words


Peer Pressure x Flexout

Just one week to go until the first Peer Pressure party. I cannot wait to let off the new music I have been working on! 10 more words