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Abuse of Christian Liberty

” And thus, by sinning against the brethren and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ”
1 Corinthians 8:12 ( NASB)

Christian Principles

A Biblical Exploration of The Term "Conscience"

Recently I found myself doing a serious study on something I had neverstudied: the conscience.

Instead of taking my understanding of conscience from Disney, I unpacked the term in scripture.  3,389 more words


Contemplating Cluttered Corridors of Consciousness

Okay so here we are again, here I am again, you may or may not be here, but I am definitely here.

And just where is here? 675 more words

Mental Health

The worst thing: part two

I want to do the right thing for its own sake.

This is my conscience.  Sometimes, a neurotic and over-active conscience, but it just means I care about what’s true and what isn’t.  528 more words

Good Friday; The Prophecy of Jesus, Isaiah 53

You cannot understand an unlimited God with a limited mind. Jesus has given us the authority to exercise the power that is given in His name and Good Friday is for reflection, and evaluation about where you are in your faith, what Jesus did for you, and what you would do for Jesus in return. 695 more words


The Philosophy of Travel

To be accustomed to reading the news daily, checking social media, watching TV and documentaries, one believes one is in touch with what is going on globally, however this is only true to a very superficial level. 120 more words


Minions of the Mindless kind

People like us, People like me, and maybe, even people like you, always end up getting a raw deal, a good citizen of a developing nation, an honest man amidst all the corruption, a quiet person, a good person, so as to speak…while all those rats and perverts are looting us not only of the taxes we pay, but also with bribes, we, the so called good people slink away, looking for a better place to go to, away from the mediocrity, away from the developing nation. 349 more words