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Searching truth

How beautiful is death; complete and pure like blue
And to add an ornament
What can be better than the death for truth

You can say nothing can be beautiful more than death, and also ugliest… 232 more words


A great book

I want to write a book
A great book
He sought the secret
There wasn’t a secret
I would live that book
He gave a delight look… 34 more words


Amen, amen

We give up on things we love
To master things that help us survive
Oh how I betray my conscience
Over worldly survival.
What love will I entertain? 370 more words


My jolly old conscience kept me company

A rush of wind pasted me; the cause was a speeding SUV and the fact that I was standing way to close to the street.  –I wondered what it was like to die, what it would feel like when death swept over you and you had no way of “out whiting” it.–  My jolly old conscience kept me company as I stood on the uneven, gum stained side walk, waiting for the bus.   258 more words

My Conscience is Vicious

Dear Reader,

So I need to face facts. I can’t carry on taking caffeine pills to bring myself up when I’m down. My body is getting used to the caffeine intake and its lasting about an hour before I crash quite severely. 468 more words



by Neil Anderson

August 30

Proverbs 15:1
A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger

If you have legitimate needs in a relationship, and they are not being met, should you risk expressing your needs? 276 more words