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Consequences vs Conscience

There really is only one option between doing the right thing vs hiding something which may never be discovered. Suffering consequences sucks, but no regrets. Integrity does count for something.


Is Canceling "The Cosby Show" Right?

The image above is an Ansel Adams photograph. We will not feature the image of a rapist, alleged or otherwise, when it adds a celebrity factor which is inappropriate for the discussion at hand. 882 more words

Industry Analysis

Truth & Dare

They say the only people who tell the truth are drunkards and children. Guess which one I am.

It was our common friend’s birthday & ADAA was all geared-up to celebrate – party time! 523 more words


After Life

There are many kids of people. Some want to know about everything existing, while some do not wish to know things beyond relating them. Little do these people know, that everything affects everything in the universe. 437 more words

Those Blasted 2014 Mid-Terms...

I had to wait a while after the mid-term election before beginning to write this post. Why? Disgust, fury, frustration, trauma,  grief… It would be nice if ‘trauma’ and ‘grief’ were hyperbole, but they aren’t. 2,775 more words

The Fool Has Said in His Heart

The Fool  Has Said  in His Heart

Over all the years  of time,  people have not changed.     King David dealt  with the same kinds  of people  that we have  all around us today.     947 more words



First, consider the purpose of revival.

The first purpose of a revival is to expose sin in the hearts and lives of God’s people and in the hearts and lives of the unsaved multitudes. 658 more words