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Abortion and conscientious objection in Italy

The Italian law allows medics employed by the National Health Service to refuse to perform abortions.

You can agree with such a provision or not, but what’s certain is that its practical application should be improved. 45 more words


Paz, Justicia, y Colombia (Peace, Justice, and Colombia)

On Friday, November 21, MCC was privileged to hear from two of our friends from Colombia.  In addition to the meeting that they spoke at, they were also able to attend several meetings on Capitol Hill. 286 more words

Latin America/Caribbean

Turkey: Where Conscientious Objection is a Crime

Fifty-six-year-old conscientious objector Ali Fikri Işık is due to appear in front of a Turkish Military Court on October 22, facing three separate charges of ‘desertion’ that could carry a prison sentence of some two-and-a-half years. 299 more words


Do Americans have freedom FROM religion? Actually, yes (two SCOTUS cases)

Americans indeed have a right to not be forced to practice a religion, any religion. We have rights to not be subjected to a state endorsement of one religion over another, or over irreligion. 689 more words


The Seed Bank of Democracy: Conscientious Objection, Compromise, and the Defense of Liberty during “The Good War”

During the final year of my undergraduate work I was named a Scholar at the George C Marshall Research Library. Upon re-reading the resulting paper years later I realized that what was one of my best pieces of academic work was never shared beyond a select circle. 878 more words